• How to Load Past 90-days of Rates in the Exchange Rate Import Tool

    Subject: The steps here explain how to load the past 90-days of rates in the Exchange Rate Import tool if you use the European Central Bank as your data source. Resolution: Open the Exchange Rate Import tool on the server. On the menu bar, click Configuration and select the configuration ID. Select the Service tab.

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  • HTTP Error 500.24 – Internal Server Error

    This article replaces TK00114. Error: When launching the Time & Expense portal, you receive the following error. Cause: ASP.NET Impersonation authentication is enabled in IIS. Resolution: Open the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager. Under Connections, select the web site setup for Project Cost Web Suite. Double-click on Authentication. Select ASP.NET Impersonation and click Disable. On

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  • IsModuleRegistered failed

    This article replaces TK00115. Error: When launching Dynamics GP, you receive the following error. Cause: TCI/IP protocol for GP2013 in SQL Server Configuration Manager is disabled. Resolution: Open SQL Server Configuration Manager. Select Protocols for GP2013. Select TCI/IP and change status to enabled. Note: Verify that you have set the ODBC System DSN to use the

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  • How to Configure Secure Socket Layer (SSL) in IIS

    Subject: HTTPS is a secure communications channel used to exchange sensitive information such as User Credentials or Credit Card details between a client computer and server.  It uses SSL which encrypts communication over the internet. To setup a website for HTTPS, you need the following items: Web Server Certificate SSL Port Resolution: Import or Create

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  • How to Set Internet Explorer Compatibility View Settings

    Subject: The steps here describe how to set the Internet Explorer Compatibility View settings, if using Internet Explorer 9 (or newer). Resolution: Open Internet Explorer. Click Tools. Select Compatibility View settings. Type in or copy the name of the website and click Add. Ensure the box for Display intranet sites in Compatibility view is checked.

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  • Line accounts are missing or invalid

    This article replaces TK00108. Error: When you post a SOP invoice, you receive the following error. Cause: Non-Inventoried Items default posting account is not setup. Resolution: Verify the default posting account for Non-Inventoried Items is setup. Navigate to Administration | Setup | Posting | Posting Accounts. In the Display field, select Sales to filter the

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  • How to Setup Pay Codes in GP Payroll for Salaried Employees

    Subject: The steps here describe how to setup Pay Codes in GP Payroll for salaried employees. Resolution: Navigate to HR & Payroll | Cards | Payroll | Pay Code. Select an Employee ID. Select a Pay Code. In the Pay Rate field, enter the pay rate for the amount of pay. Select Unit of Pay.

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  • default.js – LogOnUserReturn()

    This article replaces TK00105. Error: When attempting to logon to the Time & Expense portal, you receive the following error. Cause: .NET 3.5.1 Framework is not installed on the IIS Server. Resolution: Install .NET 3.5.1. on the IIS Server. Open desktop app Server Manager. Navigate to Manage | Add Roles and Features. Step through the

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  • common.js – Data.GetCompanyObjFromServer() – Object required (-2146827864)

    This article replaces TK00103. Error: When logging onto the Time & Expense portal and entering the user name and password, you receive the following error. Causes: Project Cost is not registered. Minimum Multi-Currency is not setup. Resolution 1: Register Project Cost. Navigate to Project Cost | Utilities | Registration. Verify that Project Cost is registered.

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  • 0x80004005

    This article replaces TK00101. Error: When executing the syntax ‘aspnet_regiis’, you receive the following error. 0x80004005 Cause: User did not run the Command Prompt as an administrator. Resolution: Re-run the syntax ‘aspnet_regiis’ with the Command Prompt as an administer. Right-click and choose Run as administrator.

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