How to use the Export & Import feature in RPM


The steps listed explain how to use the export and import feature within Rockton Pricing Management (RPM).


A powerful feature in RPM is the ability to export data from RPM, adjust the data as needed, then re-import that data directly in RPM. The export and import functions can be found on all main entities within RPM.

Follow these steps to use the Import and Export feature from most entities in RPM:

  1. In RPM, find and open the entity you wish to export from.
  2. From the main entity list view, select Export.

  1. A prompt will appear asking if you want to re-import these records. Select Yes.

  1. An Excel file will be created and available for download.
  2. Open the Excel file and adjust the data as needed.
  3. Save changes to the Excel document.
  4. In RPM, again open the entity you wish to import into.
  5. Select Import.

  1. Path out and select the updated Excel file from step 6 above.
  2. The import will process, and you should receive a message that the import is complete.