Downloadable Files for
Rockton Pricing Management

Downloading our products is as simple and easy as using them! The process will be the same whether you are getting started with a 30-day free trial or downloading the product after purchasing. All products are fully functional and work indefinitely on the Microsoft Dynamics GP Test Company. We also provide test keys to work directly in production companies.

Simply identify which Rockton product you’d like to download, select your Microsoft Dynamics GP version, and download the product build for that version.

A Note About Product Life Cycle

Rockton Software will attempt to provide support to users on older versions as much as is possible and within reason. We may run into some limitations if the customer is on an older or unsupported version of their ERP Platform.  If a bug is found in an older release, this may mean that the only recourse is to upgrade to a supported version of your ERP Platform.

Click here to review our Product Life Cycle information.

All of our products for Microsoft Dynamics GP versions 10 and beyond have a feature that automatically validates registration keys. When they are not valid, it opens a window to obtain the registration keys needed for that site. The Registration Request will auto-detect and auto-install the registration keys using the system’s Site Name and other system settings to update or create the required keys.

Contact for any additional registration key needs.

Release Notes

NOTE:  When you upgrade from GP 2018 (any build) to GP 18.2, GP 18.3, or any future GP 18.X builds, you will need new registration keys for your Rockton Product.  Please follow the steps in KB: Registration Key is Invalid Error When Upgrading From 2018 to 2018.2 and Build Number Does Not Update.