SmartFill for Dynamics GP

Find Information Up To 83% Faster



Find Information Up To 83% Faster

How much time do you waste in a day looking up information in Microsoft Dynamics GP or your third-party products? You know it’s in there, but coming up with the magic combination of words, numbers, or phrases to find it is another story. Smartfill eliminates the extra work and time it takes to find exactly what you need and when.

How SmartFill Makes Your

Work Simpler & Easier®  


  • ESearching: No need for the Dynamics GP magnifying glass
  • EPre Set-Up: No need for IT teams to spend extra time on implementation or configuration
  • EGlobal Customization: options are simple and easy to implement
  • ENew Users: Can easily navigate SmartFill without extensive knowledge in searching through Dynamics GP or 3rd party solutions

What Can SmartFill Do For You?

speed up Search

Speed up your ability to search in Dynamics GP and other 3rd party products.


Streamline searches and avoid duplicate entries with results that include similar descriptions.


Create filtered lists for when you have multiple matches.


Minimal Information required to find what you need with
“Begins with” and “Contains” searches

Saving 10 to 15 seconds per lookup adds up fast and makes for a much better user experience. I would not recommend running GP without SmartFill.

Jeff Litton, GP Administrator 
Jeff Litton, GP Administrator

It’s quick to install and very easy to configure and I can train my new users who are just getting used to GP on all the features and functionality that it offers.


Great product, I highly recommend it!


My staff and I absolutely adore SmartFill. The cost is awesome, it was a no brainer.  I recommend it to everybody who is a GP user, you can’t do without this product. It makes life easier, it makes look up easier. I don’t know why it’s not a part of GP, but you can’t go wrong with this product.


SmartFill is one of the best add-ons ever for GP!


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