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It’s not just a catchy motto. It’s a lifestyle.

Our Culture

To put our customers first, we remain driven by teamwork, not titles. Helping you is our business and we’ve built our reputation through genuine connections with our customers, delivering quality products, and supporting each other through success and failure. Every employee shares our values of integrity, humility, emotional intelligence and the passion to grow.

Our Partners

Rockton Software values its network of Microsoft Dynamics partners and firmly believes they are the cornerstone of our growth and success. Learn how you can become a Rockton Software Partner, too.

Our Technology

With a continuously growing knowledge base of what Dynamics GP customers are struggling with, and the value-added enhancements they are looking for, Rockton’s product line continues to expand. Our focus is on filling important gaps in Microsoft Dynamics GP capabilities while finding creative ways to provide additional features and enhancements that improve productivity and performance. We’ve also expanded our reach to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Acumatica, providing business applications to simplify business processes.

Our History

Rockton Software started in 1999, when Mark Rockwell left a prominent Microsoft Dynamics GP reseller to begin his own consultancy that focuses on GP customization, implementation, and training. As Mark’s stellar reputation and business grew, the need to expand became inevitable.  In 2005, Rockton went from a one-man shop to a team of several employees that deliver exceptional sales and support service with an additional five outstanding add-on products. Suffice it to say, we haven’t looked back since!

Our Future

As Rockton Software grows, so do the needs of our customers. We are dedicated to expanding our offerings to meet the needs of our clients with the most impactful pricing management solutions to support the customization, implementation, and software needs (such as Auditor and Smartfill software technology) of a growing business. Have an idea? We would love to hear it!

The hierarchy built into Omni Price allows us to the flexibility to easily pricing for multiple different situations.

Jeff Litton, GP Administrator 
Jeff Litton, GP Administrator

I worked directly with Rockton to help develop a custom SQL pricing lookup API that we use to lookup pricing for our unique needs. I was very happy with the way they were able to help us.

Jeff Litton, GP Administrator 
Jeff Litton, GP Administrator

My boss asked me to create an easy button approach to our Dynamics implementation and DRM helped me do that.


Saving 10 to 15 seconds per lookup adds up fast and makes for a much better user experience. I would not recommend running GP without SmartFill.

Jeff Litton, GP Administrator 
Jeff Litton, GP Administrator

Whether you’re a longtime user of Dynamics GP or you’re brand new the Rockton Software, SmartFill comes highly recommended.


It’s quick to install and very easy to configure and I can train my new users who are just getting used to GP on all the features and functionality that it offers.


Great product, I highly recommend it!


My staff and I absolutely adore SmartFill. The cost is awesome, it was a no brainer.  I recommend it to everybody who is a GP user, you can’t do without this product. It makes life easier, it makes look up easier. I don’t know why it’s not a part of GP, but you can’t go wrong with this product.


SmartFill is one of the best add-ons ever for GP!


With responsive and intelligent people that care about the customer, and useful intuitive products, Rockton continues to be the best ISV that I work with. In fact, I am going to be adding their Auditor product this year.

Jeff Litton, GP Administrator 
 Jeff Litton, GP Administrator

I have worked with several people across Rockton over the years and their customer service is still the best in the industry.

Jeff Litton, GP Administrator 
Jeff Litton, GP Administrator

Your company truly lives up to its name. You Rock-a-ton!


Your customer service is great. I really love working with you guys.


Can’t say enough good things, I’ve been a customer of theirs for ten years and I don’t plan to change that anytime soon.


They’re always coming up with new ideas and innovations and they get customer feedback on a regular basis to improve their products, so it’s been a great help to us over the last 10 years or so.


I am extremely impressed with the support from Rockton. Techs are knowledgeable and very helpful. In my experience, they provide the best support that I have seen in GP third party products (or any software product for that matter). Thank you for your excellent service.

Bethannie Smith, Data Analyst 
Bethannie Smith, Data Analyst

I’ve recently begun working heavily on a project with Angela. I couldn’t be happier with the timeliness of responses and ease of working with her.

Rebecca Roy, Controller 
Rebecca Roy, Controller

Your support is tops in my book. The problem turned out not to be Auditor, but your advice helped me solve it anyway. Thanks!

Jake Simpson, Manager of Information Systems 
Jake Simpson, Manager of Information Systems

Great response time, thanks!


Your support team is awesome!


The support at Rockton has been phenomenal. When I have any customer that has something a little out of the ordinary, I’ve written up a quick email, I get an email back right away with instructions on what exactly I need to do.


SmartFill is worth every penny! We have almost 100 users saving time.


I am thankful every day for SmartFill. Makes our life a dream at work!


Smartfill makes distribution and inventory look ups easier and the ability to add your own columns means it can be customized to unique business processes. Support service at Rockton is also great!


SmartFill redefines data entry in Microsoft Dynamics GP. The seamless and easily customizable interface has changed the way some of our customers do business.


SmartFill has really helped us find our customers. Out of 200,000+ customer base, we can now easily find the right Cust ID with just a part of the name, phone number, or zip code plus a sub search. Users really like the speed under 4 seconds.


Dynamics Report Manager is seamless, painless, and very user friendly. Product is very solid, and just works!


I like Auditor because it gives us the possibility to track data at both Microsoft Dynamics GP and SQL Server.


Safe Login in Dynamics GP Toolbox is simple but so awesome. It keeps me from starting before all 3rd party products. I love the messaging feature that goes with it! Love Rockton Software!


The Dynamics GP Toolbox has so many great features, but my favorite tool has to be Inspector. It is so easy to find table and field names on a window with Inspector. Thanks Rockton Software!!


Omni Price changed our world! The date sensitive pricing model cut down on our billing errors by 90%!


Omni Price has allowed us to easily manage a complex contract structure with regularly changing products and prices. The support has always been competent and responsive.


Auditor is great for tracking changes and errors in data entry.


Basically, if it gets more complicated than pricelists and discounts, tap into Rockton.

Seth Kuhn | SWK


For us, as a company that manufactures new products daily and has unique contracts with different retailers, Rockton Pricing Management has been essential. Instead of managing custom pricing across thousands of products and hundreds of customers, we set it up once and forget it. When business needs change, RPM’s flexible nature allows us to adapt to any scenario and continue saving our team massive amounts of time and headache.

Sami D’Amico | Head of Tech | Mammoth Distribution


Company M had four people doing pricing manually  when they went live on Acumatica in March of 2023.  Those four people are no longer needed now that they’re on Rockton Pricing Managment.  They have customer-specific locked pricing, Item Class based pricing, Customer Class based pricing, and hybrids of Item Class and Customer Class, all across two base prices divided between two customer sets.  In all, six levels of complex evaluation are made manageable in RPM.


Company O uses Rockton Pricing Management to manage food distribution-related rebates.  They sell items at a loss, and then bill their vendors for those rebate amounts.  RPM makes tracking and accounting for these rebates painless, and makes sure they get paid on every customer order.


Company R has three dealer categories, and each category has five or more values that each drive how prices are calculated for some items and not for others.  On top of that, they have date-driven special pricing for specific customers, and other special rules for small groups of customers who receive deals on specific selected items.  Rockton Pricing Management makes this complexity functional, manageable, and maintainable.


Company A would not have implemented their new accounting system without Rockton Pricing Management as an integral part.  They needed volume-based margin calculations, where the more product a customer bought, the price calculation would use a lower percent margin over cost.  They also need customer-specific handshake deals, and other levels of pricing based on several customer attributes.


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