Omni Price

Omni Price for Dynamics GP

Manage nearly every pricing situation
you can think of,
and a bunch you haven’t.

Omni Price:


Manage nearly every pricing situation
you can think of,
and a bunch you haven’t.

Omni Price

We call it the magical slice-and-dice-your-price device, but you’ll probably just call it brilliant. Omni Price takes Microsoft Dynamics GP’s pricing, invoicing, and sales order processing modules to a new level of easy. It is built to work with GP’s standard pricing, so there is no need to turn anything on or off. You simply get to launch new pricing capabilities to expand your pricing power.

How Omni Price Makes Your

Work Simpler & Easier®  

  • ESales Team: Deliver the right pricing, for the right customer, at the right time.
  • EControllers: Authorize discounts and adjustments, preset promotions based on simple-to-manage filters.
  • EAccounting: Ditch the spreadsheets and manual task of managing multiple price lists.
  • EIT Managers: Manage and automate mass updates, set up pricelists in advance with date filters.

What Can Omni Price Do For You?



Enhance GP’s standard pricing capabilities without having to shift between programs


Set up pricing contracts by customer, item, date, or unique criteria


Use Filters to simplify searches, updates, tracking, and exports.


Prioritize multiple contracts to allow more than one valid
contract at a time


Handle and navigate complex pricing levels and requirements with ease.

The hierarchy built into Omni Price allows us to the flexibility to easily pricing for multiple different situations.

Jeff Litton, GP Administrator 
Jeff Litton, GP Administrator

Omni Price changed our world! The date sensitive pricing model cut down on our billing errors by 90%!


Omni Price has allowed us to easily manage a complex contract structure with regularly changing products and prices. The support has always been competent and responsive.


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