• 4 Best Practices for Price Optimization

    Price Optimization for Dynamics GP and Acumatica

    Across many industries, businesses face the same problem: the market is becoming saturated with options every year, making the competition fiercer. It’s easy to feel like you’re losing your grip on the situation. Have no fear, there’s still a lot you have influence over, starting with your price optimization strategy. Take a look at the

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  • Which Pricing Method should you use in Rockton Pricing Management?

    Pricing Methods for GP and Acumatica

    What is a Pricing Method? The Pricing Method in Rockton Pricing Management (RPM) is used to determine how you want to calculate the price on a transaction line. There are three Pricing Methods to choose from when you are setting up the RPM Connector to use in RPM. In order to decide which method to

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  • What did you miss at GP Optimizer live?

    GP Optimizer Live Recordings

    Another GP Optimizer Live is in the books. While we wish we could be in person, there is light at the end of the tunnel. In-person events will happen sometime this year. Things were a little different this time around. New platform More content Keynote speaker Expo time Virtual ventriloquist This 2-day event was jam-packed

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  • A Quick Guide To Dynamic Pricing Management

    A Guide to Dynamic Pricing Management

    As someone working in a digital era, you would have likely heard the term dynamic price management being thrown about, but what if you’re still not sure exactly what it means? Fear not, that’s why we’re here. Dive into our quick guide to dynamic pricing revenue management for a crash-course on everything you need to

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  • What’s 1 word we are focusing on this year?

    Rockton's Word of the Year is Gratitude

    Word of the Year Starting the year with a ‘Word of the Year’ is a powerful tool to align with their intention, focus their attention, and ultimately shape their execution. During recent leadership meetings, we thought why not?  Why not come up with a word of the year for our team.  Something to help us

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  • 3 Helpful Tools For New Dynamics GP Users

    Dynamics GP Tools for New Users

    Joining a new company and learning a new system can be overwhelming but rest assured there are some tools to help you along the way. How can these tools help make your work simpler & easier®? How about: Faster searches Quality control tracking Help navigating GP Manage and train new hires What are these 3 tools?

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  • You can update your exchange rates quickly & easily

    Stop the Exchange Rate Search in Dynamics GP

    Do you have to search daily to find the newest exchange rate and then manually update GP?  Do you wish you could automatically update those exchange rates? If you are already updating multiple currencies in Dynamics GP, you know updating them seems to be a daunting and daily occurrence. Wouldn’t it be nice if you

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  • Your Favorite GP ISVs Are Back Together For 2 Days

    GP Optimizer Virtual Event

    GP Optimizer Live is Back! 2020 has taught us a lot about our businesses, our day-to-day processes, and areas where we might need to improve. What better way to start planning for 2021 than by joining some of the most influential people in the GP channel as we discuss ways to better enhance your Microsoft Dynamics

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  • What makes date-driven pricing so special?

    Date Driven Pricing For Acumatica and Dynamics GP

    Date-driven pricing is an integral part of any business, for the simple reason that every company, no matter the industry, needs to update pricing on a regular basis. Maybe you only adjust yours a couple times a year, or maybe you’ve got your fingers on the pulse and make continuous changes. Either way, incorporating date-driven

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  • Partner Portal Transition Updates

    Rockton Software is moving to a new system effective January 1, 2021We’re in the midst of improving our internal and external processes and applications to make things here at Rockton work simpler & easier®. We want to make you aware of some things that will be temporarily unavailable during this transition period.What’s Changing? We’re moving to a

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