Managing Buy One, Get One (BOGO), Promotions & Discounts

Streamline Your Pricing Strategies with Rockton Pricing Management

Efficient Solutions for Complex Promotion Management

date-driven promotion management

Date-Driven Promotions

Simplify date-driven promotions by setting them up once in the system. They will automatically apply during the specified timeframe, eliminating manual adjustments.

Take the Best of Discounts and Promotions

When a customer qualifies for both a routine discount and a promotion, RPM will automatically evaluate both options and apply the best one, ensuring optimal savings.

volume-related promotion management

Volume-Related Discounts for Related Items

RPM can assess line items, identify related products, and apply volume-related discounts across multiple items as needed, making it easier to manage complex discounts.

Apply Pricing for Unrelated BOGOs

Adjust pricing for BOGOs even when the items aren’t identical. RPM automatically applies the discount to the appropriate line item, ensuring accurate pricing.

unlimited promotion management

Unlimited Discounts and Unlimited Promotions

Unlike other ERPs with a single discount field, RPM tracks unlimited discounts and can optionally assign each discount to its own General Ledger account.

stacking discounts and promotion management

Stack Discounts in Two Ways

RPM offers the ability to determine how discounts are applied, either stacked or combined.

historical sales and promotion management

Evaluation of Historical Sales

Similar to BOGO, RPM evaluates historical customer purchases to provide discounts for volume purchases, using past data to drive special pricing conditions.

coupon codes and promotion management

Coupon Codes

Utilize custom fields on your order entry screen as “document attributes” to drive special pricing rules. Enter coupon codes, catalog codes, promo codes, and more to trigger specific pricing.

Use Cases of How Rockton Pricing Mangement Solves Common Issues

Example 1: 

Suppose you have two customers. Customer A routinely gets a discount of 10% off List Price, while Customer B gets 20% off List Price. You run a promotion for 15% off List Price. RPM will calculate so Customer A gets 15% off and Customer B gets 20% off, because the best is applied to each scenario. 

Example 2:

Suppose you want to offer a discount if a customer buys 100 t-shirts, but you have red and blue t-shirts on separate line items. If a customer purchases 50 red t-shirts and 50 blue t-shirts, RPM will evaluate those line items together, see they pass the 100 mark, and apply the discount to both lines. 

Example 3:

Suppose you have 5% and 10% discounts. There are two ways to apply those discounts to a $100 price. $100 less 5% yields $95, then 10% less yields $85.50. Or you can say 5% off and 10% off yield $85.00 because both discounts are from the starting value. 

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Key Features of Rockton Pricing Management for Promotion Management

Choose the best option between promotional discounts and ordinary discounts.

Calculate complex, multi-layered discounts with ease.

Run a date-driven promotion for specific items seamlessly.

Apply promotional pricing based on coupon or promotional codes.

Adjust pricing and apply discounts for BOGOs, even with unrelated items.

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Available For:

Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP
Acumatica Cloud ERP
Acumatica Cloud ERP

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