Markups, Margins & Pricing

Streamlining Cost-Plus Management

How Rockton Pricing Management Solves Common Pricing Challenges

Simplify Pricing Updates

Using percentage-based cost-plus pricing makes frequent pricing changes and updating price lists easier than ever. Prices are updated immediately and automatically based on changes in cost.

Minimized Profit/Margin Loss

Rockton Pricing Management uses percentage-based cost-plus pricing, which eliminates the need for manual price sheets. Prices are immediately reflective of any changes in cost.  

Efficient Margin and Product Group Management

Rockton Pricing Management enables businesses to manage margins and product groups effortlessly. Complex calculations based on factors like customer class or item class can be automated, streamlining the process.

Compatibility with Acumatica for Cost-Plus Pricing

Businesses utilizing Acumatica can leverage this essential pricing strategy seamlessly with Rockton Pricing Management.

Flexible Plateau Pricing Definitions

Defining plateaus, such as Landed Cost, Loaded Cost, or Customer Tiers, is made simple with Rockton Pricing Management’s modular calculations and configurations. These definitions are reusable across scenarios, saving time and effort.

Four Key Features of Rockton Pricing Management

Solving Markup, Margin, and Cost-Plus Challenges

1. Prevent margin loss by enforcing a minimum sell price based on cost.

2. Sell prices update automatically in response to changes in cost.

3. Calculate landed costs based on a variable percentage by item, streamlining pricing decisions.

4. Utilize landed cost or other plateau prices to inform the rest of your pricing strategy, enhancing flexibility and adaptability.

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Supported Products Include:

Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP
Acumatica Cloud ERP
Acumatica Cloud ERP

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Customer Testimonial

“For us, as a company that manufactures new products daily and has unique contracts with different retailers, Rockton Pricing Management has been essential. Instead of managing custom pricing across thousands of products and hundreds of customers, we set it up once and forget it. When business needs change, RPM’s flexible nature allows us to adapt to any scenario and continue saving our team massive amounts of time and headache.”

– Sami D’Amico, Head of Tech, Mammoth Distribution

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