• Rockton Software is dedicated to making your work simpler & easier ® when using Dynamics GP. In order to take the guesswork out of determining the number of users needed, we follow the Dynamics GP User Count. Our products are licensed per Dynamics GP System Full User count. Limited users and self-service users do not require a Rockton user license.

    We base the user license on the GP System user count because our products are designed to work with all users. For example, Auditor will track adds, deletes, and changes made by any and all users in the system, and SmartFill will work for all users in any window you specify. Rather than naming users, the products just work!

    We want to be sure that you get full value from your Rockton product. and that it is equivalent to the product price based on your licenses. We also want the product to be a good fit for your business needs, and we gladly provide free 30-day trial keys so you can try Rockton out in your own GP environment. If you would like to see a personalized demo, contact sales@rocktonsoftware.com.

  • Rockton Software products are designed to be easy to install and easy to use. In most cases, assistance is not needed or can be provided by your partner. Simply follow the Knowledge Base article titled *Installing a Rockton Software product to install or update to the latest build. If you have questions along the way, contact support@rocktonsoftware.com.

    If you have limited resources, are new to Dynamics GP, or just want reassurance on what you already know, you may want the assistance of a Rockton Software resource. No matter where you are, with the use of tools like GoToMeeting, Webex, and others; we can provide excellent training and support without the time and expense of travel.

    Available options:

    1. Implementation and Training Service

    We assist you in setting up the product and a few key records, plus you receive full training on the product for as many users as you need, all for one price.

    1. Training Only

    We provide full training on the product for as many users as you need, but at a lower price than the Implementation and Training Service.

    1. 1-hour overview

    This option, which is provided as a support case, is a 1-hour high-level overview of the product.

    For more information and pricing on the Implementation and Training Service or Training Only service, contact sales@rocktonsoftware.com. To schedule a call for the 1-hour overview, contact support@rocktonsoftware.com.

    What if you just have a specific question on one of our products? In that case, our extensive self-service information may be beneficial. You can view Knowledge Base articles, blogs, and videos on our website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    We are always happy to assist you by phone or email. Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.

  • You can visit our Manage Subscriptions page to manage all of your email subscriptions.

  • Dynamics GP Add-on Products

    Pricing for the Dynamics GP Products can be found here.

    Dynamics 365 Applications

    Recurring Billing $149 USD/month*
    Software Management $169 USD/month*
    Tax Processing $49 USD/month*

    *All Dynamics 365 application pricing includes unlimited users.

  • The Rockton products are stacked and built on top of each other.  The Software Management product has additional features, giving you the ability to use fields from multiple products.  You can always modify your form, moving fields which are specific to your business needs to another location.

  • Both products are built on the XRM framework and work with Dynamics 365. They work in all environments online, hosted, or on premise. They reside wherever Dynamics 365 (CRM) resides.

  • The CRM invoice is the standard invoice that comes with Dynamics 365. We have added an additional form to display more information such as the paid amount and the amount remaining field. The Sales Document is another entity that resides within the Recurring Billing product. The Sales Document allows you to create multiple document types such as Renewals, Quotes, Invoices or any other document type you want to create. This would allow you to use different document types and report on this information. During the setup, you choose which you want to use, either the CRM Invoice or the Sales Document. You would not use both.

  • The products do not currently have a built-in integration to PayPal.  This would be something we could develop as a billable service.  Please let our team know if this is of interest to you and we can scope out the requirements and the cost.

  • Yes! We know you’re busy, why not save time and let the experts at Rockton Software help you hit the ground running with your new product(s)! We customize our implementation and product training services to fit your specific needs within Microsoft Dynamics GP. Click here to learn more about our implementation and product training services.

  • Yes! We receive a beta release in advance of the new version release. This allows us time to test our full product functionality, run all changes through QA, and make sure that our products are running on the new version as close to Microsoft’s release date as possible.

  • As long as a customer’s Annual Maintenance Agreement (AMA) is current and their Rockton Software product user count matches their Dynamics GP user count, there is no additional cost to upgrade.

  • Maintaining the Annual Maintenance Agreement (AMA) allows for technical support, product enhancements, and product upgrades. With an active AMA, customers have access to our support staff via telephone, email, or web conferencing without any additional charges. Since we are always adding to and improving our products, customers with their current AMA will also be able to download, install, and utilize our latest enhancements, including new Microsoft Dynamics GP version releases.

    To learn more, check out this blog post: The Truth Behind Rockton’s AMA.

  • You may request a quote from sales@rocktonsoftware.com. Please include the customer name, Rockton Software product, and Dynamics GP system user count.

  • Rockton Software’s user count must match the GP Full User CAL (Concurrent User) count, which needs to include the 3 users in the initial or starter pack. The Limited users or licenses don’t affect the Rockton user count at all. When determining the number of Rockton Software product licenses needed for the total concurrent user count, one could verify the Dynamics GP user count on the GP registration key or the number of users on the configuration information page. If referencing user counts as listed in MS VOICE, the customer would only need to match the Full User Count listed plus the 3 in the initial or starter pack (which are currently not listed there in VOICE).

  • Yes. Registration keys are based on Site Name, Software Version, User Count, and other information if listed. Any deviations in this information may render the keys invalid. If the customer has added any additional Dynamics GP users they will need to purchase the additional Rockton Software users. Please contact us at sales@rocktonsoftware.com for assistance.

  • Registration keys can be obtained or created at anytime from within the Rockton Software product installed. Our Dynamics GP add-on products have a feature that automatically validates registration keys and when they are not valid, it opens a window to obtain the registration keys needed for that site. The Get Keys request will auto-detect and auto-install the registration keys using the system’s Site Name and other system settings to update or create the required key.

    Please contact sales@rocktonsoftware.com for any additional product evaluation or registration key needs.

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