Auditor for Dynamics GP

Track it. Audit it.

Authorize it. Report it.



Track it. Audit it.
Authorize it. Report it.

When did those payment terms get changed?

Who gave this employee an unauthorized raise?

Where? How? Why?

Let us help you answer all of those questions and more with Auditor, a simple (yet robust) data-change management tool. While fraud prevention is the most common reason Auditor provides outstanding value for Microsoft Dynamics GP, the customization, flexibility, and personal touch are the reasons to implement. Whether you want the added insurance to protect your data integrity, or you face compliance audits due to industry regulations or SOX legislation, Auditor has you covered.

How Auditor Makes Your

Work Simpler & Easier®  

  • EPayroll Administrators: track changes to important employee data, like sick time
  • EIT and System Administrators: audit data and security changes in both GP and 3rd party products
  • ESales Managers: see when items are added to orders or invoices prices are modified
  • EPayables Team: gain full visibility to new and existing vendors, and vendor changes

What Can Auditor Do For You?


Create your own audits with a customized and intuitive setup


Ensure specific changes are authorized with built-in E-Sign electronic signature


Track data changes at the table level, SQL level, or at any level of your business.


Require users to write a note of explanation when they change or update a field

I like Auditor because it gives us the possibility to track data at both Microsoft Dynamics GP and SQL Server.


Auditor is great for tracking changes and errors in data entry.


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