10 Dynamics GP Tips and Tricks to Work Simpler & Easier®

Jul 8, 2023

dynamics gp tips and tricks

Here at Rockton, our mission is to help you work simpler & easier® in Dynamics GP, which is why we’ve gathered ten tips and tricks for you to try.

1. Search Without Clicking on the Magnifying Glass

Before adding SmartFill in Dynamics GP, the magnifying glass would be your mediocre search tool, allowing you to search within its strict parameters. But once SmartFill is seamlessly integrated, your search possibilities become endless. Instead of only searching “starts with”, SmartFill looks at the beginning, middle, and end of any field and provides you an easy-to-understand list of results. No need to comb through a long list or miss results.

Learn more about SmartFill here.

2. No Need to Be Precise to Find What You’re Looking For

Are you frozen trying to remember the exact sequence of what you’re looking for or mindlessly attempting combos until you hit the jackpot? Then, you need SmartFill. Another feature of SmartFill is its 4,000+ pre-defined lookups and the capability to add custom ones so you don’t have to turn your mind into a memory vault for every piece of information. SmartFill can even find the tiniest bit of information in the fields you would not expect, like description and address.

Give SmartFill a go here.

3. Easily Duplicate Price Lists

If you’re managing hundreds of products, price lists can be the bane of your existence. When you are creating a new Excel sheet for every pricing update, you are missing an opportunity to work simpler & easier®. One Dynamics GP tip and trick is adding either Omni Price or Rockton Pricing Management – both can duplicate a price list without you having to reenter every price. Change what you need to change and then upload it back into Omni Price or Rockton Pricing Management.

Discover Omni Price (a simpler pricing management software) here or Rockton Pricing Management (the most flexible pricing tool around) here.

4. Automate Transactions

Microsoft’s built-in project accounting system has some good qualities and some iffy ones. With Project Cost, you’ll be taking manual transactions out of accounting. Project Cost allows you to automate the transaction, so your accountant has more time to focus on what’s important. Here’s an example of how Project Cost works: Your employees can input their timecards and then the payroll is automatically created.

Learn more about Project Cost here.

5. Manage Your Reports in One Place

How many reports do you send to your vendors or customers? Too many to keep track? Let Dynamics Report Manager print any report (SSRS, Crystal, Excel, etc.) to almost anywhere at any time. Instead of wasting precious time remembering to send a report, schedule it using Dynamis Report Manager.

Interested in more? Click here for more information on DRM.

6. Lock Users Out

A good Dynamics GP tip and trick to follow is locking users out when they make three unsuccessful login attempts or if you’re updating the system. Dynamics GP Toolbox can do that for you, among other things like logging someone off if they’ve been “inactive” for an extended time.

Check out this handy security tool here.

7. Track Every Bit of Data

Tired of getting the bare minimum information of who changed, added, or deleted what? Auditor is your solution. It tracks every single bit of information that is added, changed, or deleted, even when it’s a third-party product. Auditor can tell you who, what, when, how and why by requiring users to enter a note at the time of the data change.

Dive deeper into Auditor here.

8. Schedule Price Changes Ahead of Time

Who here loves waking up at the crack of dawn to turn a sale on? *crickets* We wouldn’t want that either. That’s why we created Rockton Pricing Management to help you schedule future pricing updates. Upload the price changes into RPM, set the time you would like the prices to be effective, and turn off your alarm clock – RPM will handle the rest.

But to be honest, RPM does so much more than that. See how RPM can simplify complex pricing scenarios here.

9. Stop Searching for Exchange Rates

Do you often work with multiple currencies? Reduce the amount of time you spend searching exchanges rates by adding Exchange Rate Import to Dynamics GP. A tip and trick for you – let Exchange Rate Import update currency exchange rates daily. You don’t have to do anything. Doesn’t that sound nice? Learn more about Exchange Rate Import here.

10. Provide More Tips and Tricks Inside Dynamics GP

We’ve only given you 10 tips and tricks to use in Dynamics GP, but you probably know so much more. Well, don’t keep it to yourself. With Dynamics GP Toolbox, you can share your knowledge in the form of pop-ups. Think of it as the question mark you hover over for more information, only you can make it your own on any Dynamics GP screen. This is a perfect tool for training.

That’s only one tool out of 27! Explore them all here.

We hope these Dynamics GP tips and tricks help you work more efficiently. Let us know which tool is your favorite and how it has transformed your productivity here.

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