Dynamics GP Sales Order Processing Lookups: Shorten From 12 Steps Down to 1

Jan 12, 2024

Dynamics GP Sales Order Processing

As many Dynamics GP users know, the process of looking up an existing sales document involves 12 steps. YES! 12 Steps …Here’s the 12-step process you follow today in standard Dynamics GP to lookup an existing Sales Document record in Dynamics GP.

The SOP (Sales Order Processing) window is one of the most used forms in GP. It’s typical to have many existing documents to work on, and finding the right document can take a few steps. In this blog, we’ll show you how to find the document you’re looking for, and some shortcuts along the way.

Step 1:

In this example, we’re looking for Invoice STDINV2255. But… we’re pretending we don’t know that, as often the document number isn’t readily available. But often the Customer is known, so we’re going to find the right document by Customer.

The “looking glass” icon is the place to click to perform a lookup on any field in GP.  However, in SOP, the default window configuration opens as shown here.  Unfortunately, the Document Type defaults to Quote.  If you click on the looking glass icon, it will filter a search to Quotes, which isn’t handy when looking for an invoice.

Step 2:

So as a tip, change the Document Type to Invoice first, which will make the lookup window open filtered to Invoices:

Step 3:

And if you’re like many of us, sometimes you forget to change the Type to Invoice before hitting the lookup glass. In this case, you can just change the blue header in the lookup view to filter on Invoices:

(And yes, if you knew the Invoice Number, you could also change the Document Type to Invoice and type in the Invoice Number and press the tab key.)

Step 4:

Now we have a list of Invoices to choose from:

But once again we have no clue which invoices belong to which customers.

Step 5:

On the right is an Additional Sorts… drop-down. Notice it contains a sort by Customer ID:

Step 6:

When you choose this option, the blue View bar in the middle updates like this:

Step 7:

In my opinion, this is only mildly helpful. Because I don’t know my Customer’s IDs. I know their names. Fortunately, aside from Customer ID as an option in Additional Sorts… there is an option for “by Custom Sort…” Click that button and check out the many choices given you here:

On the left, choose Customer Name and press the Insert>> Button in the middle. Then press OK.

Step 8:

Now the lookup window displays more useful information, including the Customer Name:

Step 9:

Above the blue View line, type in the Customer Name for which you are searching. In this case, the Customer is Laser Messenger Service. So I’m going to just type “Laser” and press the tab key.

Step 10:

You may notice once you hit tab, the search field for Customer Name blanks out. But the list did jump to the first entry starting with “Laser” or listed alphabetically right after.

Step 11:

If you press the expansion button to the rightmost portion of the blue View bar, Dynamics GP will expand the list view to give more details about the invoices. In this case, I knew the invoice I was looking for was smaller, so between then $115.50 and the $7704.00 invoice, I know it’s the first one.

Step 12:

Double-click on the line showing the desired invoice, and the lookup window will close and the desired Invoice will fill in for you to work on:

Does this seem tedious to you? I certainly think so. Because if you have SmartFill, here’s what happens if you type in “MESS” (part of the name Laser Messenger Service”) into the Document Number field in SOP and hit tab (not the looking glass)

Step 1:

Step 2:

Doesn’t double-clicking from here make a lot more sense?

You could type:

  • “LASER” or “MESS” or
  • “2255” (part of the Document Number) or
  • “115” (the Document Amount),
  • or anything else you know about the document, and you’d get similar results.
  • If there’s only one match (such as 115), then the document just fills in for you into SOP, without any lookup window opening at all.

Make Dynamics GP sales order processing lookups Simpler & Easier with Rockton Software.

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