Using API calls with Rockton Pricing Management (RPM)


This article discusses some of the common questions related to using an API with RPM.


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Question 1

Are we able to pull pricing for all items available within the system?

Yes, you are able to pull pricing for all items in the system.  However, it is rare to do that all at once.  RPM is a calculation engine, and by design, it does not store prices, it calculates each one when called.  You can create Catalogs of lists of prices which are pre-calculated, but you would want to be selective about what you build.  Even small systems, with small lists of customers and items, can generate millions (or billions) of records, the majority of which are unnecessary and unwanted.  We get this question a lot – and it depends on your goals on how to maneuver around lots of pricing calls, almost all of which can be handled depending on the desired use case.


Question 2

Can we pass all the items in cart or shopping bag in a single API pricing request?

Yes, the API can handle single Line on a Document, or an entire document of lines.  Something like a shopping cart full of items is normal and typical to process in one single API call.


Question 3

How many price API calls are supported for per second?

We support as many API calls as you can send.  In general, RPM handles around 1 million calculations per day.  The time to calculate is based on the complexity of your setup and is not predetermined.  We work with you to make it as efficient as possible.  A typical single call can take anywhere from 10 to 300 milliseconds.  Again, depending on your goals, we can architect the most efficient and speedy solutions for you, and set benchmarking based on the complexity of your setup and what you’re trying to achieve.