Any business will tell you that the most important asset it has is its people. That’s what makes Rockton Rock! We work hard, we play hard and most of all we love what we do and we do it exceptionally well. We invite you to take a couple of minutes to get to know our awesome team as they give insights on a wide variety of topics.

Rockton Spotlight: Kelli

One opportunity the pandemic created for me was an awareness of how much responsibility I have for the quality of my life. Too often there is a disconnect between what I say I want and the actions I take to support that outcome. With fewer opportunities for distraction, the pandemic afforded me the opportunity to witness my own culpability in reinforcing habits, both good and bad.

One daily habit that has served me well is listening to Audible each morning while I tend to my 2 and 4-legged friends on our small hobby farm. The bulk of my reading is done via listening to audiobooks. Every now and then a book I have listened to qualifies as worthy of space on my bookshelf and I purchase a physical copy of that book. A recent book that achieved that status was ‘The Craving Mind’ by Judson Brewer. I have previously read books related to habit formation such as ‘The Power of Habit’ by Charles Duhigg and ‘Atomic Habits’ by James Clear, both excellent books in their own right. I have also enjoyed books associated with meditation and mindfulness including ‘Think Like a Monk’ by Jay Shetty. ‘The Craving Mind’ sits at the intersection of habit formation and consciousness. Too often habits are formed without really understanding our motivation behind the action. Judson Brewer illuminates the way rewards reinforce habits and the opportunity to make different choices through the practice of mindfulness, bringing one’s attention to the present moment without judgment.

There were a couple of things that really stood out for me in reading ‘The Craving Mind.’ Just as B.F. Skinner proved with rats in the 1950’s, human brains are also wired for rewards. I found the variety of studies and evidence to show the connection between triggers, habits, and rewards helpful. Bringing awareness to the reward experienced provides an opportunity to interrupt a bad habit to take a different action. I also learned a nifty acronym to assist with developing greater mindfulness: RAIN – Recognize, Allow, Investigate, Nurture. The example Brewer frequently cited of cigarette smoking, while not a habit with which I struggle, still proved useful. I was able to extrapolate from that example and apply it to other situations where I do face challenges.

One such area of challenge is my (over)use of my cell phone. Not unlike many, I check my phone a ridiculous number of times each day, due to ‘intermittent variable’ reward of receiving an email or text. Also not uniquely, I have struggled with getting quality sleep. In February 2021 our family made a key decision that has improved both my quality of sleep and my well-being: putting our phones to sleep in the kitchen each night before bed. Part of the way I support this habit is that I don’t have a charging cord available anywhere else besides the kitchen counter. I know this is not a revolutionary suggestion, but admittedly it took real effort on my part to commit to the change. I was prone to using my phone up until I fell asleep, grabbing it to research an idea if I awoke in the middle of the night, and reviewing it first thing in the morning. Putting my phone to sleep outside of my bedroom has freed up my brain to not be constantly striving for new information and stimuli 24-7. Now when I wake in the wee hours, I have a simple meditation practice that I utilize instead. Even if I don’t fall back asleep, I still benefit from the meditation, so my sleep is not “wasted”.

It is rare to experience a book that gets to the heart of how our own human-ness gets in our way. A solid case was made for the practice of both mindfulness and meditation to effect change and measurably improve the quality of life. If you, like me, have some habits causing unintended consequences, you also may benefit from reading – or listening to – ‘The Craving Mind.’


Congrats to these 2 Dynamics GP Nonprofit Organizations

A few years ago, Rockton enacted a 1-1-1 rule. This means we dedicate 1% of our team’s time, 1% of company profits, and 1% of our product is given to charities in our communities.  Employees enthusiastically jumped at the chance to engage with their chosen charity. It is such a great part of the company culture. We support a wide and interesting range of nonprofits in the communities where Rockton Software employees reside.

Going along with this rule we decided to take it a step further. Each year we ask for nominations from nonprofits that would like to get one of our products at no charge. Yes, this means you can pick any one of our products that will make your work simpler & easier® in Dynamics GP.


  • Share how one of our products would positively impact your organization
  • You need to be a nonprofit
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP customers only

Partners can also nominate their customers as well.

Rockton team members have been involved in many charitable areas such as food-related nonprofits, Multiple Sclerosis event participation, homeless shelter service, English as a second language tutoring, animal shelter work, and local school service. We just love to give back to the community. This is something near and dear to our company culture. Just maybe it can reignite a charitable passion for you too!

Setting up pricing for your items is never fun. There always seems to be some catch-22 for different customers or specific items. With Rockton Pricing Management (RPM), we make sure you have the flexibility you need to accomplish the most complex pricing. This is done through Price Schedules.

Price Schedules

A Price Schedule in RPM is what drives your pricing when you add an item on a transaction. The pricing can be based on so many different options and adjustments. It’s what makes pricing so flexible in RPM! Let’s go through setting up a Price Schedule.

The first thing to note about a Price Schedule is that it ties to the Customer Price List in Acumatica. They have the same name. The Price Schedule name already exists in RPM as it is added during the implementation process. All you need to do is to define the setup the way you want.

  1. Navigate to Price Schedules under the Pricing menu and open the Price Schedule you wish to set up.
  2. Add a Pricing Filter if you want this Price Schedule to only be used for specific records, such as Items or Customers. If no Pricing Filter is added, the Price Schedule is used for everything.
  3. Select the Price Source Option you wish to use. They are as follows:
    • Another Price Schedule – The price originates from another Price Schedule. This allows you to stack your Price Schedules.
    • Item List Price – The List Price for the Item from the ERP system.
    • Item Cost – The last cost associated with the Item from the ERP system.
    • Price Book – Uses a specific price from a Price Book. Price Books are great when you need date-driven pricing.
    • Value from ERP – Uses the value from the transaction to calculate the price.
  1. You can also add a Rounding Rule to the Price Schedule. This way you can round the dollar amount up or down, do increments of 5, whatever you need.
  2. Lastly, add any Price Calculations you want. These Price Calculations can affect the Base Price such as a fee or a discount or simply be an added calculation such as margins or rebates.

After your Price Schedule is set up the way you want, mark the Is Active check box.

Pricing Scenario

Now that your Price Schedule is created, you can test your pricing to verify your results. This is done through a Pricing Scenario.  A Pricing Scenario allows you to see what price is calculated for a specific scenario without having to create a transaction. To run a Pricing Scenario, follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to Pricing Scenarios under the Pricing
  2. Enter a Pricing Scenario name and enter the necessary information.
  3. Click Execute to get the results.

Verify the results you received are what you expect. If it’s not, you can click the View Diagnostics option to see how RPM calculated the price. This makes troubleshooting so much easier!

Also, with Pricing Scenarios, you can save them so they may be used again and again rather than having to enter the information each time.

While Acumatica allows you to create your pricing and apply that pricing to transactions correctly, you are a bit limited on what you can do. RPM gives you the flexibility to easily set up your pricing, even if it is complex.

If you would like more information on RPM or want to see a demo, contact us at

Both sides of the family have the same recipe, but each thought it was their grandma’s secret recipe! Come to find out…it was the same!  I’m guessing it was in every church recipe book back in the day.😊 ” -Kris


1 pkg fresh Cranberries 

1 – 1 ½ cup granulated Sugar 

20 oz. can of crushed Pineapple (drained) 

½ pkg. miniature marshmallows 

½ pkg Heavy Whipping Cream (NOT Cool Whip!) 


  1. Rinse Cranberries 
  2. Grind Cranberries into a bowl 
  3. Add Sugar, stir together 
  4. Whip the Heavy Cream until stiff peaks 
  5. Add Pineapple, Marshmallows and Whipped Cream 
  6. Fold all together 
  7. Store in refrigerator until serving 

The Holidays are truly all about spending time with loved ones, family traditions, and making memories.

We would like to share some favorite movies, traditions, and of course our favorite cookies because who doesn’t love dessert or chocolate, from our Rockton team

Let’s start off with our all-time favorite movies for the holiday season. We have a mixture of old and new, new renditions of some classics, and family favorites.

  • National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
  • Home Alone and Home Alone 2
  • It’s A Wonderful Life
  • The Santa Clause (Tim Allen)
  • Christmas with the Kranks
  • Family Stone
  • Love the Coopers
  • Four Christmases
  • The Grinch and How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  • The Polar Express
  • A Christmas Carol (2009 with Jim Carey)
  • Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
  • Miracle on 34th Street

Christmas Vacation is definitely an all-time classic and favorite. In fact, last year we created a Winter Staycation parody.

With every holiday season there are always cookies to bring to a gathering, to make as a family, a cookie swap, or just have them on a daily basis because that’s what you do this time of year.

What are some of the classic cookies we have each year?

  • Chocolate Chip
  • Pfeffernusse Cookies
  • Canadian No Bake
  • Frosted Sugar Cookies
  • Peanut Butter Kiss
  • Snowball cookies
  • Ginger Snaps

A few different twists on the traditional frosted sugar cookie come from Mark and Sheila.  Mark, despite not being a fan of lemon, recalls as a kid his mom would swap lemon extract for the traditional vanilla, and Sheila uses almond instead of vanilla.  This sounds like an opportunity for a cookie taste test.

Family traditions are such a great way to not only bring the family together but to keep the spirit alive of loved ones who may not be with us. One thing is certain we all love spending time with family.


My parents have a century-old 8-acre farmstead outside of rural Comstock, Minnesota – a small town of roughly 150 people.

There is a large wooden barn on the farm, and it has played host to our local, small-town church’s live nativity service every Christmas Eve for more than 20+ years.

Our family always supplied the live animal Nativity scene and special guests have included, a herd of goats, a miniature donkey, my horse, some wayward chickens, countless barn cats, 3 dogs and the occasional mouse that crashed the party.

The service would start just after dark, and that is when all the antique oil lanterns are lit. Guests would enter through the ancient dusty milk room and be met with twinkle lights, kettles of steaming hot apple cider, and more cookies than a Norwegian grandma can shake a stick at. It was always me and my brother’s job to see that every guest was served a treat when they arrived. Once they got into the main part of the barn everyone took their “seats” on their quilt-covered haybale.

I loved surveying the scene after everyone was in place waiting for the actors to come into the room – seeing all the quilts and blankets spread across the laps of entire families, the steam rising out of the cups of cider, and how cozy it was when you put 100+ people dressed in full Minnesota winter gear into a barn on a -15-degree night.

The muffled mitten claps as classic Christmas carols were sung between the various Nativity character appearances was my favorite sound, besides the occasional goat bahhhing from the stable scene.

After the service, you could watch taillights for miles driving off in various directions down the long gravel roads as people dispersed to their homes for their own family events.

Anyone without family or festivities was always invited into my parent’s home following the service to enjoy a meal with us and we always made sure there were a few extra gifts under the tree so everyone, including our new guests, could open a present after family carols.

The yearly event drew people from all over the states, even hearing of over the road truckers that made it a point to be passing through Moorhead, MN on Christmas Eve night so they could enjoy the cider and cookies and some holiday tradition with us.

The barn service tradition came to its close in 2018 when the aging barn could no longer hold up to the harsh MN elements, but we still hear from past attendees how that service became part of their own family tradition as well and how much it is missed.


A new tradition we started with my family is the annual gingerbread house. We save up the tons of candy the kids collect at Halloween.  We scratch-bake the best gingerbread ever, bake the sides and roof, and then ice it together.  The kids go crazy eating all the Halloween candy we denied them over the past month, and only about 10% of it ends up on the actual gingerbread house.  On New Year’s Eve, the kids get to eat the house.  One year, the kids got pretty clever.  Because the gingerbread and candy gets stale, they hid a ton of wrapped candy INSIDE the gingerbread house so that on New Year’s Eve, when they ate the house they broke into the middle and got another ton of non-stale candy.  Clever kids.


Cooking together as a family; Working on a Christmas puzzle (someone always steals the last piece to put it in at the end and claim VICTORY over the puzzle completion …. eyes rolling; giving the beautiful gift of “time” to family & friends.


When I was younger and in Colorado, I would make a ton of stuff during Christmas.  Turtles, Buckeyes, Chocolate Peanut Clusters, Chocolate Covered Cherries, Cookies.  Tons of things and we would make plates and deliver to family and friends.  We also like to go drive around and look at lights on Christmas Eve, and on Christmas Day we typically go to the theatres for a good movie!


loves starting off the holidays with an Advent Calendar and 12 days of Xmas presents for her hubby and son.


Likes going up and spending time with family, and especially nice when it snows.  Oh, and hiking into the woods and cutting down our Christmas tree.

Other Holiday Traditions:

  • Pass the parcel
  • Drinking Egg nog
  • Collecting ornaments from past travels
  • Sushi night on Christmas Eve

Whatever your traditions are big or small we hope you keep them alive and growing, and still enjoy everything about the holiday season before us. It is time to focus on gratitude, peace, love, joy, and family.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and Happy Festivus!

from the Rockton Team!

It’s that time of the year when we start looking forward and making plans for the year to come.  Here at Rockton Software we value transparency and keeping our Partners and Customers informed. We wanted to bring to your attention our upcoming price change.

The Rockton Software team sent out the following email announcement of the upcoming changes to our product pricing, effective January 1, 2022. Our product prices will increase by $10 per user across all of our Microsoft Dynamics GP add-on perpetual products, and there will be modest increases in the prices of our subscription products as well. Click here to view the new 2022 product pricing.

Pricing Change FAQs

Q: How will this impact our annual maintenance renewals?

A: If your renewal is due on or before December 31st, 2021 there will be no change to your renewal rates. If your AMA renewal is due on or after January 1st 2022, your annual renewal rate will go up by $2.00 per user for our perpetual products.

Q: How often do your product prices change?

A: This is Rockton Software’s fourth price increase since 2014. We understand that price increases can have an impact on our customers, so our goal is to have smaller, more frequent increases instead of waiting several years and then implementing a large increase. We work to communicate any changes in pricing to our partners and customers a minimum of 90 days prior to the change.

Q: When did you last increase your prices?

A: Rockton’s last price increase was January 1, 2020. That increase was the same as this one, with perpetual product license prices going up $10 per user license and annual renewals going up $2 per user per product.

Q: What about Project Cost and Exchange Rate Import annual subscriptions?

A: Each of our annual subscription products will increase in price $100 per year. Click here to view the new 2022 annual subscription product pricing.

Q: What about monthly subscriptions?

A: Each of our monthly subscription products will increase in price $1 per user. Click here to view the new 2022 monthly subscription product pricing.

Our existing prices will remain in effect through December 31, 2021. Please contact the Rockton Software Sales team if you would like additional information regarding the pricing change.


  • 2 pounds raw peanuts in shells (or green peanuts)
  • 1/3 cup kosher salt
  • 3 tablespoons cajun seasoning (or creole seasoning)
  • 1-3 teaspoons crushed red pepper
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons liquid smoke
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 4+ quarts water


    • Place the peanuts in a 6 or 8 quart Instant Pot. Add the salt, cajun seasoning, crushed red pepper, liquid smoke, and garlic powder. Pour in 4 quarts water… Or enough to cover the peanuts when you push them down.
    • Lock the lid into place. Set on Pressure Cook High for 77 minutes for green peanuts or 93 minutes for raw peanuts. Once the timer goes off, perform a natural release. Once the steam button drops it’s safe to open the Instant Pot.
    • Place a large 6-8 quart dutch oven over high heat. Add the peanuts, salt, cajun seasoning, crushed red pepper, liquid smoke, and garlic powder. Pour in 4+ quarts of water, or enough to cover the peanuts when they are pushed down.
    • Cover the pot and bring to a boil. Once boiling, stir well, then lower the heat to a mild simmer. Cover and cook for 2-3 hours for green peanuts or 6-8 hours for raw peanuts. Check the water level every hour and add warm tap water if needed.
  • CROCK POT BOILED PEANUTS: (22-38 Hours) 
    • Set out a large 6+ quart crock pot. Add the peanuts, salt, cajun seasoning, crushed red pepper, liquid smoke, and garlic powder. Pour in 3-4 quarts water, or enough to cover the peanuts when they are pressed down.
    • Cover the crock pot and set on low. Cook for 22-24 hours for green peanuts, and 36-38 hours for raw peanuts. Add water every 8 hours if needed.

Recipe and image from A Spicy Perspective

Who doesn’t love a good reunion?

Join us in Houston at the Community Summit! Rockton Software is proud to be a Premier Sponsor once again. We are excited to share reunite and see you again. Swing by Booth 515 just to say hi or let us show you how we can squeeze every bit of functionality out of Dynamics GP and get the ROI you are looking for.

What do you need to know before you go?

When: October 12-15, 2021

Where: George R. Brown Convention Center | Houston, TX

Why: Because You Deserve to Get Back to Business and Back to Community

We are presenting three sessions this year!

 Session: Make Dynamics GP Work Simpler & Easier

Presenter: Alicia Weigel

When: Wed Oct 13th, @ 12:30 – 1:20pm

Where: GRBC – Third Floor, 342C

Description: Have users that never log out of GP? Want to increase transaction lookup speed? Looking to track data changes? Is pricing a challenge? Would you like to automate reports? If you answered YES to these questions, this is the session for you! Come for an interactive, live demo of Rockton’s five add-on products: Auditor, Dynamics GP Toolbox, Dynamics Report Manager, Omni Price, and SmartFill, we’ll help you work simpler & easier® in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Session: Easy, Breezy Project Tracking

When: Thurs, Oct 14th, 12:00 -12:50pm

Where: GRBC – Third Floor 342D

Presenter: Ginger Myers

Description: Are tracking Project costs and revenues bogging you down? Do you want to import employee labor or equipment hours to a project tracking module easily? Wishing project tracking was a seamless process in Dynamics GP? If you answered YES to these questions, this is the session for you! Come for an interactive, live demo of Rockton’s Project Cost add-on product. we’ll help you work simpler & easier® in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Session: SOP DROP and ROLL – Simplifying Complex Pricing

When: Thur, Oct 14th @12:00 -12:50pm

Where: GRBC – Third Floor 342C

Presenter: Alicia Weigel

Description: Is pricing a challenge? Do you dream about never having to setup a price list for EACH individual customer again? Would you like to ‘set it and forget it’ pricing? If you answered YES to these questions, this is the session for you! Come for an interactive, live demo of Rockton Pricing Management (RPM) and we’ll help you work simpler & easier® in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

As a valued customer, we would like to offer you an exclusive discount on your registration. Use the following code at checkout to receive 10% off: rock10

Hope to see you there!

Summer’s at Rockton are all about simple and easy, so whether it’s simplifying how you manage your security in GP or simplifying your next summer BBQ sipper, we got you covered.

Today we feature 5 favorite tricks using three of our staple Rockton Software products

  • SmartFill – Did you hear we just put out a NEW release!?! Inside this new edition, you can now export your results to Excel spreadsheets – think of it like a Smartlist you don’t even have to open Smartlist to run.
    This makes searching and exporting a snap – easily pull holiday gift lists, VIP customers, and more!
  • Auditor – AKA the Productivity Tracker. Ever wondered how many invoices or service calls are being entered by each user in a day? Now you can track those numbers and monitor user productivity in the system. You can also use Auditor to verify data that new users have entered into GP with a simple report search. This will help both you and your new GP users build confidence in the processes you have in place.
  • Dynamics GP ToolboxWant to find out how to give or take away security to a window in less than 10 seconds? Simply search for your mysterious window with Mentor, one of the 27 tools included in our Toolbox. This will allow you to see exactly what task contains the security needed AND the roles that task is associated with. Take it a step further and actually assign the role to a user right from the same screen without ever opening your GP Security setting windows. 
  • Dynamics GP ToolboxUsing our Pop-Up Notes, gives the ability to push out ‘How To’ instructions where your users need them most! Don’t let Year End Close, obscure routines, or processes potentially cause data issues in GP. You can easily add instructions, website links, or even task lists to increase efficiency and accuracy in uncommon (or common!) windows across GP.

Watch the webinar for yourself:

Now that we’ve got the GP side covered, here’s one of our top Summer Sippers for you to enjoy on a patio, pontoon, or anywhere with a glass

Dynamics GP Optimizer Watercooler Chats

Once a magazine, now a movement

The GP Optimizer once started as a digital magazine comprised of articles provided by Microsoft Dynamics GP Add-On Partners. Each article focuses on making your investment in Microsoft Dynamics GP more worthwhile by addressing issues that you may be experiencing and providing ways to remedy them.

Then in 2020, 8 years later, we decided to bring it to life with our first ever GP Optimizer Live event on July 28 & 30.  These ISVs came together and brought content around 3 popular categories; Supply Chain, Paperless and Payroll, and Cloud Apps and Automation.

The infamous Bob McAdam shared insights on Community Summit, Local User Groups, and other Community-centric information.

We also had Abra and Mariano joining us to talk about how GP is a power player. Boy, a lot has changed since then.

It was such a huge success! We just finished our Winter 2021 edition this past February. This time we used a new platform, had an amazing keynote and focused on content around categories such as; Automation, Tips & Tricks, and Strategies to help improve processes in GP.

So, what’s next?

Well, we wanted to keep the momentum going in the GP space. Unfortunately, it has been in a state of influx with all the changes happening.

The GP ISVs hear you and want to help keep GP a relevant ERP. We want to keep the community going strong. So, what’s next on the list?

Many of us still live and breathe GP. Community is so important whether in person or virtual. With COVID and not being in the office as much or at all, those chats around the watercooler have been non-existent. So, get ready for the TED Talks of GP called Water Cooler Wisdom happening at 12:00 EST every other Wednesday starting April 21.

We have a great line-up of speakers having a conversation around industry trends, hot topics, and educational information.

This is a great way to get up close and personal with the amazing ISVs who have been part of the GP Optimizer since the beginning.

Here’s the upcoming line-up for Spring and Summer:

April 21 – The Two Sides of Inventory Management – NETSTOCK & Panatrack

May 5 – Ask the Experts about Budgeting – Dynamic Budgets, MSX Group, deFacto Global

May 19  -Extend your ERP with integrated eProcurement – Fraxion

June 2  – Why would I customize my Dynamics GP system? What have other customers done?- Blue Moon

June 16 – A Perfect Couple: AP Automation and Payment Outsourcing – Mekorma

June 30 – A/R Automation and Payment Processing– Nodus

July 14 – 2021 Sales Tax Changes: Midyear Update – Avalara

July 28 –  What does your variable compensation plan say? – EthoTech

August 11 – Preparing your Digital Factory – Horizon’s International

August 25 – Achieving and Maintaining a Daily Reconciled Cash Position – Nolan Business Solutions

September 8 – GP Then & Now – Rockton Software & Integrity Data

We will share wisdom, insights, best practices, and tips-n-tricks. So, pull up a chair and chat with us.

The best part, they will all be 15 minutes or less. So, it really is a nice way to start the morning or a great break in the day depending on what time zone you are in.

Register today!