What to Look for in a Custom Software Development Company

Jul 24, 2023

custom software development company

In some instances, out-of-the-box software just cannot do what your organization requires. That’s where custom software development can help, providing you with a solution that is precisely tailored to your needs. Rockton Software’s team of experienced developers can help you create custom solutions in Dynamics GP and Acumatica that will improve your team’s performance. Continue reading to learn how to find the right custom software development company for you.

Review Experience and Technical Skills

Does the custom software development company have enough skill to achieve your goals? To find out, explore their portfolio and ask for referrals. Trust in expertise is key to finding the right firm for your project, especially since custom software projects have a high failure rate. This step in the research process can help you determine if the considered company has the capability to develop a successful project.

Can the Custom Software Development Company Understand Your Market and System?

A food manufacturing company using Acumatica should not be looking at a custom software development company that specializes in NetSuite and ecommerce. Here at Rockton Software, we have experience with both Acumatica and Dynamics GP and have worked in a wide range of industries. Checking out past clients and projects will help you see whether we or a different company has ever handled a project in your industry or with features like what you are looking for. Simply ask for our portfolio!

Weigh the Value and Cost

Just like that saying, “you get what you pay for”, you should be careful on who you give your investment over to. If you opt for a lower priced company, you could save more at the start but end up paying more in the long run. The cheaper the cost, the more likely you will end up with badly written code with no documentation that could eventually lead to technological debt. And don’t forget about testing: in-depth testing, debugging, and code reviews are essential to ensure the software is trustworthy, safe, and adheres to industry standards.

Custom development is an investment, so it’s best to have it done right the first time. Before researching, you should define your project requirements, such as specifications, budget, timelines, and other essential details. This will help you find a match for the experience, skills, and price much faster.

Consider the Importance of Maintenance and Support

Tech, use, and requirement can change over time so make sure to stay on top of it by asking if they provide maintenance and support after deployment. “Why’s that?” you ask? Because the company that builds your application will know it best. Look for companies that offer after-development services like maintenance, backup, scaling, patching, and troubleshooting.

Do They Communicate Clearly?

Effective communication and teamwork are important to know before signing the contract. Will they listen to your feedback? How will the project’s progress be tracked? How frequently will you receive updates and reports? This transparency will keep you informed at each stage of development ensuring the project will be finished on schedule, on budget, and to your satisfaction – just how you like it.

Should You Let Us Develop Custom Software for You?

We have the experience, the support, and the communication you need for a successful custom solution for Dynamics GP or Acumatica. Our team of developers have over a decade of experience in these ERP systems to develop exactly what you need. We offer a library of how-to’s if you get stuck as well as friendly, helpful regular support. But be sure to ask our past clients – we’d be happy to connect you with them. As for communication, we will create a plan that meets your needs. Schedule a call to discover how we can help you Work Simpler & Easier® in Dynamics GP or Acumatica.

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