The Added Value of Working with Rockton Software

Mar 10, 2023

Rockton's added value

Price is important when you want or need to buy something. Whether it’s a new vehicle, a bobble-head of your favorite character, or add-on products for Microsoft Dynamics GP, you want the best deal for a quality product. Rockton Software strives to make our product prices competitive and fair, yet attainable for your business. We don’t hide our prices and we don’t have hidden costs that will surprise you after the purchase. You can see our prices on our website under the Dynamics GP Solutions page. Select the appropriate Product and click Price Guide. But the added value of working with Rockton Software goes beyond competitive pricing. Keep reading to learn more.

Product Pricing is Based on Full User Count

Rockton’s pricing for the Microsoft Dynamics GP products is based on the GP Full Users registered in your system. Limited Users are not part of that count. We base our price on the user count as we believe the Return on Investment is beneficial for your entire organization. For additional information, check out the blog The Birds, the Bees, and Product Pricing.

The Benefits of an Annual Maintenance Agreement

You will also pay an Annual Maintenance Agreement of 20% of the current product price. The AMA is required for the first year. By continuing to keep your AMA current, you will have access to unlimited support, enhancements and upgrades to keep your Rockton Software products running smoothly year after year – even if you change GP versions!

Pricing example including Annual Maintenance Agreement (AMA) pricing:

  • You have 10 full system GP users and the product you are purchasing is $270/users.
  • $2,700.00 USD is the current list price for 10 users at $270/user for the current product price.
  • $540.00 USD is 20% of current list price so this is the AMA price.

Everyone Loves a Good Deal

Most customers reach out to our support team 3-5 times per year, with larger companies contacting us quite a bit more. Consider the price of a typical support case is $250 or more per case. In the example above, after two cases, your Annual Maintenance Agreement has almost paid for itself in support alone. In addition to unlimited support through our team, you also have access to self-support information, reg keys for upgrades, and much more.

If the User Count pricing doesn’t work for you, we also offer subscription pricing. This offers even more flexibility on a pricing solution that works for you. You’ll have the option to pay monthly, rather than a larger, upfront capital expense.

The Added Value of Working with Rockton Software

When looking at the price of a product, look beyond the sticker and the timesaving features you’re going to receive. What other value does the price bring to your business?

In addition to the outstanding product you purchased from Rockton Software, you’re going to have the added value from:

  • Excellent support to help you along the way in setup, usability, and break/fix issues.
  • Large self-service system with helpful documentation, blogs, videos, etc. to resolve issues and learn more.
  • A team that is continuously learning and sharing information through various sources.
  • Webinars offered on a variety of topics throughout the year for the novice to the expert.
  • A company that stands behind their product and takes pride in putting their name on it.

If you have any questions or need more information on your pricing options, contact

Thanks for taking the time to read our Rockton Software Blog about why pricing is important!

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