Error: A get/change first operation on table ‘SF_Object_MSTR’ failed accessing SQL data After Installing SmartFill


You receive the following error after installing SmartFill.

Unhandled database exception:
A get/change first operation on table 'SF_Object_MSTR' failed accessing SQL data.
Number of results columns doesnt match table definition.


This error can occur when an incorrect version of SmartFill is installed with Dynamics GP. For example, installing SmartFill build for GP2013 in your GP2015 environment.


  1. Download the correct SmartFill build from and copy the .zip file contents into your GP application folder.
  2. Click Yes to replace any files that already exist.
  3. Launch GP  and log in as ‘sa’.
  4. Click Yes to install new code
  5. When the SmartFill wizard window opens, click Cancel.
  6. Open the SQL Maintenance window under Maintenance | SQL.
  7. In the Database field, select Dynamics.
  8. In the Product field, select SmartFill.
  9. Select all tables (including ones ending in Old) and mark the Drop Table and Drop Auto Procedure.
  10. Click Process.
  11. Select all tables (including ones ending in Old) and check the Create Table and Create Auto Procedure.
  12. Click Process.
  13. Close the SQL Maintenance window.
  14. Log out of GP and log back in.
  15. Go to Dynamics GP | Tools | Setup | SmartFill | SmartFill Setup window.
  16. Click Install/Upgrade SmartFill from the Setup tab.

It should now install without errors.

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