Identifying the Database in which Auditor is Tracking Changes

Set up Auditor to identify in which database a tracked change is being made.

In the Auditor SmartList, you would need to add the ‘Product Name’ column and create a SmartList Favorite.

  1. In the Auditor SmartList, click on the Columns button.
  2. Then, click Add.. .
  3. In the Available Columns column, click Product Name.
  4. Click OK in the Columns window.
  5. Click OK in the Change Column Display window.

To add the SmartList as a Favorite:

  1. Click the Favorites button.
  2. Give the SmartList a Name.
  3. Click Add.
  4. Select Add favorite.

The database name is tracked in the PRODNAME column in the RSAS015 table. You could also use SQL Tools to access this information.

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