The steps here will describe where to search for your deleted objects and how to import them back into Dynamics GP.


Steps to find your objects.

  1. Go to your GP code folder. (Example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics\GP2018)
  2. Scroll until you find the string of your Smartfill objects.

Steps to import objects into GP.

  1. Login as sa.
  2. Microsoft Dynamics GP | Tools | Setup | Smartfill | Objects.
  3. Click Actions.
  4. Click Import Object(s).
  5. Check the box for the object(s) you want to import.
  6. Click Import.
  7. Click OK on the remaining windows.


If the objects do not appear in the Dynamics GP code folder, running the SmartFill install again will bring back the defaults.

If you have modified the existing SmartFill objects, we recommend you export the objects and then copy and save them in another location. If the objects are deleted from the GP code folder, you will be able to copy and paste the files into the GP code folder, and follow the import steps.

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