As we wish each other a Happy New Year, it’s easy to focus on one word from that simple three word phrase: new. New resolutions, new work-out routines, new adventures, new goals, etc. Here at Rockton, we didn’t want to miss out on the excitement that accompanies this time of year, which is why we’ve started off 2017 in the best way we could think of: adding new tools to our Dynamics GP Toolbox!

Throughout our 18 years in the Dynamics GP channel, we’ve always let user feedback drive our development schedule. We are dedicated to making your work simpler & easier® in Dynamics GP, and our latest release is no exception. With our two new tools, we have addressed recurring frustrations that have been expressed by our customers and everyday GP users.

New Tools:

  • Batch Review Window One central location to view, approve, edit, post, and manage all batches across your major GP modules (GL, RM, SOP, IV, PM, POP)
  • Security What If?Ever wonder what the impact will be when you make a security change? Review security changes before making them

We’ve added the new Batch Review Window and Security What If? tools to an already powerful collection of 25 tools that help users with everything from administration, to security, to business processes, to enhancing the complete user experience within Dynamics GP.

That’s right, now 27 tools in one convenient package. You can check out the full list here. But, don’t just read about it, actually give it a try with our FREE 30-Day Trial. And here’s the cherry on top: if you trial the new Dynamics GP Toolbox, you’ll receive a 17% discount in honor of the new year, if you purchase the product by March 31st.

Want to learn more? Join us on Tuesday, January 24th for an in-depth look at the latest additions to our Dynamics GP Toolbox with our development and support team! Click here to register for the webinar

Twas’ the week before Christmas…

This time of year is meant to be jolly, even when it comes to your Dynamics GP. Here at Rockton Software, we might be a bit biased, but we think we have the perfect gift that will provide happiness year-round for all the Dynamics GP System Administrators out there.

Enter Rockton Software’s Dynamics GP Toolbox.

Imagine the joy on the faces of your System Administrators when they open up Microsoft Dynamics GP on December 26th and find Dynamics GP Toolbox installed!

GP system administrators have a lot on their plates: user security, logging users out of the system, unlocking stuck users, and overall problems in Microsoft Dynamics GP. But Dynamics GP Toolbox is the gift that keeps on giving; with over 25 tools, 11 of which are designed specifically for the System Administrator!

Watch Security Manager trim hours off the setup and maintenance of security roles and tasks. With Mentor, System Administrators can be your GP users’ heroes with instant access to unusual, rarely-used windows. Learn how password management can become a once-and-done project and how monitoring inactive user sessions can become as obsolete as a landline.

Seeing is believing…We invite you to see these tools in action by watching our most-recent webinar, or giving the product a try with our FREE 30-Day trial

Our Rockton Sales elves are standing by to answer any questions you may have. If you listen closely on the eve of December 25th, you might even hear them calling out…

“Dynamics GP to All, and To All a Good Night!”

Summer has officially faded into fall and you know what that means… Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back!  Okay, besides the return of everyone’s favorite fall beverage, it means it’s time to bundle up!


That’s right, back by popular demand is our Bundle up for Fall promotion. We’re not talking about hats, gloves, and scarves; we’re talking about the best Microsoft Dynamics GP add-on products on the market!


Now through November 30th, purchase any two Rockton Software products and receive a big savings!

Customers took advantage of two great bundle options last year, which are making their return for 2016, along with a new Build-A-Bundle option. Here’s a look at three ways you can save big and bundle up this fall with Rockton Software!

    • Search and Rescue Bundle featuring Dynamics GP Toolbox and SmartFill. Dynamics GP Toolbox includes over 25 tools to enhance your Microsoft Dynamics GP. And, according to many in the Microsoft Dynamics GP channel, no one should be without SmartFill, a google-style search in GP. Get these two time-saving products for $350 USD per user.
    • SOX in the BOX Bundle featuring Dynamics GP Toolbox and Auditor. For the ultimate security and compliance bundle, you need to look no further. Add these two products to your Dynamics GP repertoire for just $450 USD per user.
    •  Build-A-Bundle: Have your eye on two Rockton Software products? Great! Simply contact our sales team, let us know which two products you’d like, and receive a BIG savings per user.

These will be the lowest prices of the entire year for our products, so don’t delay! If you’re not sure which two products might be the best fit for your Dynamics GP needs, we encourage you to reach out to our knowledgeable sales team, or attend one of our upcoming webinars that will provide an overview and demo of all our products.

As the leaves are changing, we’ve already got new customers saving. Don’t get left out in the cold this autumn, bundle up!

The final bell has rung and we’re closing the book on our first semester of Rockton 101 classes. Over 80 students (Microsoft Dynamics GP Users) attended our revamped webinar series to learn all the ways that Rockton Software products can make their work simpler & easier®.


From January through June, our Technical Sales Team Lead and Rockton 101 professor, Alicia Weigel, has been demonstrating how Rockton Software products can enhance the Dynamics GP user experience. From product spotlights on SmartFill, Dynamics Report Manager, and Omni Price, to focusing on topics like Payroll, Security, and GP Administrators, there was plenty of knowledge for attendees to soak up.


We’re not belting Alice Cooper’s hit “School’s Out” just yet because our next round of classes get under way in late-July. We’re hitting all the topics you didn’t see covered in the first semester and continuing to show you how our add-on products can help make your work simpler & easier®. Here’s a sneak peek at our summer school classes:

We hope you’ll join us this semester for Rockton 101. If you missed out on any of the first semester webinars, we invite you to watch the recordings linked below:

We are always looking for user-inspired topics for upcoming webinars, please feel free to contact us with your suggestions!

It’s been an eventful spring here at Rockton Software! Since March, we’ve been inviting all Dynamics GP users to Spring into Savings with us! Kick this deal off with a FREE trial of any Rockton Software product. If you like what you see and want to add that product as a permanent fixture to your Microsoft Dynamics GP, we’ll give you a 15% discount upon purchase!

Not sure how our Rockton Software products can help you? With five different products to choose from, there’s sure to be something that will enhance your Microsoft Dynamics GP user experience.

Here’s a quick look at our product offerings:

SmartFill: a google-style search tool 
Dynamics GP Toolbox: includes 25 tools to help nearly every Dynamics GP user
Auditor: Track changes in your Microsoft Dynamics GP
Dynamics Report Manager (DRM): easily launch reports from anywhere
Omni Price: enhanced pricing options in your Microsoft Dynamics GP

Our promotion is winding down, but it’s not too late to join in the fun. Take advantage of this 15% discount during the next two weeks if you trial any Rockton Software product and purchase that product by May 31, 2016. No green thumb required!

We have a lot of new functionality slated for several of our Microsoft Dynamics GP add-on products this year.  Here’s a small taste of what’s coming up so far: GP 2016, Dynamics GP Toolbox, and Auditor (available now!).

GP 2016 Releases
We have been busy bees working away on our GP 2016 releases.  Who knows, by the time you read this, we may already have our GP 2016 releases available for download from our website!  As I am writing this, we are just about to release the 2016 builds to be beaten up by our extensive regression suite.  We expect to have them available by May 13th.

Dynamics GP Toolbox
Our development team has been working on an enhancement release of Dynamics GP Toolbox for several months now.  This effort should draw to a close at some point after the Dynamics GP 2016 builds are made available.  Until then, here are some upcoming features to get you excited!

Batch Review

With this future release, you will be able to perform the most common batch functions for any General Ledger, Inventory, Payables Management, Purchase Order Processing, Receivables Management, and Sales Order Processing Batches, all from our new Batch Review window!

Here are some highlights of the functionality that will be available on the Batch Review window:
• See all transactions for the displayed batch in a detailed list specific to that batch type
• If you only want to work with one type of transaction, you can filter by Series
• Move transactions from one batch to another
• Edit a transaction by double-clicking it
• Add new transactions for the selected batch
• Delete transactions from the selected batch
• Approve, unapproved, delete, or post batches
• View Batch Total, Number of Transactions, and Approval information
• Transfer and Void transactions (where appropriate)

Security What If?

The Security What If? window allows you to see what specific permissions will actually change if you grant or revoke security access to a security role in Dynamics GP.  By reviewing these changes before you actually make the security change, you no longer have to worry about whether or not you are assigning the correct role.  Once you find the role that you want, you can even make that security change right on this window!

We kicked off the New Year with an Auditor release that included many things that people have been asking for.  Though this is not actually upcoming, it is worth a quick review to make sure you are taking advantage of all that Auditor has to offer!

Journal Voucher Roadmap

This new window shows posted Journal Entries along with the history of who created, approved, and posted them along with the date that these events occurred.

Audit sa User
The Audit sa User window allows you to create an Audit Group that will audit all Dynamics GP database changes made by the ‘sa’ user.

The new AUDITOR AUDITORS security role is used for auditors that need to review audits and Auditor setup, but it will not allow them to make changes to any Auditor setups.

Conditional Auditing enhancements
New operators have been added to the Conditional Auditing feature that is found on the Field Options window: Is Greater Than, Is Not Greater Than, Is Less Than, Is Not Less Than, Contains, Does Not Contain, and Begins With.

Audit Note Improvements

 Audits that still need Notes are listed on the window, making clearer that they are there
• You can now enter the same reason for multiple Audit notes
• Added instructions to clarify how to use the Audit Note Maintenance window
• You can now optionally make users only select predefined Reason Codes
• Added a system option to not close the Auditor Note Maintenance window until all notes have been entered
• Added Auditor Note Maintenance window to the Auditor Setup menu allowing it can be opened at any time, not just when an audit occurs or at the login

Let us know what you think!
We are always excited to hear what you think about our development report for 2016, so please give us a call at 877-476-2586 or send us an email with any comments or suggestions.

Dynamics GP Toolbox has a feature called User Lockout that prevents users from logging into the system after they have entered an incorrect password three times in a row.  Once this happens, an Administrator must then unlock that user to allow them to log in again.  An external table, called the Locked Users table, is used to track users who have been locked out of the system in this way.  There are two components to this table, both with the name RSTBLU1.  This table is not stored in a SQL database because the system needs to be able to read from this table to determine if a user is locked out at the point they are logging in.  That means that the user has not logged in yet and therefore does not yet have access to the SQL server.

Because the User Locked Users Table is critical to the function of the User Lockout tool, the system tightly controls its location.  If anything is ever found to be different from exactly how the system expects it to be, users may see one of the following messages when logging in to Dynamics GP:

Message 1:
Locked Users table is missing.  Contact the system administrator.

Message 2: Dynamics GP Toolbox Locked Users table path is missing.  This may indicate that the system has been tampered with.  Contact the system administrator.

Once they get one of these messages, they will not be allowed access to the system and their Dynamics GP session will shut down.

There’s more than just the one table to be concerned about.  There is also a Dex.ini setting, RSTB_LocksPath, which is mentioned in message 2.  This setting needs to have the correct value at the correct time in order for the login to be considered valid.  In addition, starting with Dynamics GP 2013, a new table called the User-Specific Dex.ini Settings table (SY01405) was added to store user-specific Dex.ini settings.  As we will see later, this makes matters even more complicated.

The idea behind all of this complexity, of course, is to prevent someone from bypassing the tool and logging in even though they have been locked out.  When you get one of these messages, it is generally due to situations such as the following:

1. Someone has tried to manually disable it without going through the recommended procedure.  This could happen if their company has decided that they don’t want to use this tool anymore.
2. Someone has possibly installed Dynamics GP on a workstation by coping the GP install folder, as opposed to installing Dynamics GP Toolbox from its installer.
3. Someone is actually trying to tamper with this security feature.
4. There is a bug in the system.

In general, the system will check the validity of the Locked Users table and RSTB_LocksPath Dex.ini setting any time the user starts Dynamics GP or logs in to a Company.  To give you a better idea of how to prevent the disruption that can occur when things are not exactly correct, let’s first examine why each of the above messages occurs.

Locked Users table is missing.  Contact the system administrator.
This is the most common message that indicates that there are problems with the User Lockout tool.  It will be displayed when the system finds a path specified in the RSTB_LocksPath Dex.ini setting, but it cannot find the RSTBLU1 file at this file location.  Put simply, the Locked Users table is not where it should be.

Dynamics GP Toolbox Locked Users table path is missing.  This may indicate that the system has been tampered with.  Contact the system administrator.

If the User Lockout tool is enabled and there is no path specified in the RSTB_LocksPath Dex.ini setting, or if the setting does not exist at all, then you will see this message.  This often happens because someone has tried to manually update the Dex.ini setting, or has updated the SQL table in the DYNAMICS database that stores the location of the Locked Users table.

How to Resolve Problems
Once you receive one of these messages, in most cases, you will need to call the Rockton Software Support team to help you out.  However, there is at least one approach that you can try initially on your own that may enable you to get yourself “unstuck”.

Gather Information
One of the first things you want to find out is whether or not the User Lockout tool is enabled.  This is typically done by opening the System Settings window.  If you are in this situation, then you may find that no users can log in to Dynamics GP, so that will make that impossible.  In that case, you can run the following SQL query:

select * from RSTB001 where RSTB_System_Setting_Key = ‘LOCKOUT_Enable’

If the result is 1, then the tool is enabled.  If it is 0, or if it returns nothing, then it is not.  Note that this query will only display information from the database; it will not update anything.

Install the Dynamics Toolbox Chunk File

You can sometimes get access to the system, one time only, by having your reseller copy the Dynamics GP Toolbox chunk file to the GP install folder and then launching Dynamics GP.  You should then be able to open the System Settings window and try to troubleshoot from the Lockout tab.  For instance, if you have determined that the tool is supposed to be disabled, try to enable it; if there is a Locked Users table location path listed, try clearing it out and then disabling the tool again.  Conversely, if the tool is supposed to be enabled, but there is no path, then make sure you enter the correct path before you click OK to leave this window.

If this doesn’t help, then you will probably need to contact your Partner or the Rockton Software Support team to help resolve the situation.

Tips for Preventing Problems
Make sure you are on the latest build of Dynamics GP Toolbox
This is important, especially if you are using GP 2013 or later.  One reason for this is that GP 2013 introduced the concept of “per user Dex.ini settings”, which are stored in the SY01405 table in the DYNAMICS database, rather than the Dex.ini text file.  Earlier builds of Dynamics GP Toolbox did not properly handle this table and that would sometimes cause some installations to lock out all users once Dynamics GP Toolbox was installed. 

Install Dynamics GP Toolbox using the Installer
Do not try to configure the product by just copying the Dynamics GP install folder from workstation to workstation. 

Use the System Settings window
When enabling or disabling the tool, or changing the location of the Locked Users table, only do it from the Lockout tab on the System Settings window.

Use a UNC path for the Locked Users table location
This exact path will be used to access the table by each workstation that logs in to Dynamics GP.  For this reason, we strongly recommend against a mapped drive because there is no way to guarantee that each workstation will have that drive mapped the same way.

Do not update anything manually unless instructed to do so by Rockton Software Support
Dynamics GP Toolbox will keep the RSTB_LocksPath Dex.ini setting updated with the correct value as long as you don’t try to do anything in the back end.  That includes updating the Dex.ini manually, or updating Dynamics GP Toolbox tables through SQL.

For more information on Dynamics GP Toolbox, take a look at our Knowledge Base articles.

If you found yourself in a pickle and you need to create a support case, take a look at the following information that we’ve put together to make life a little easier when you’re creating a new support case.

The more that we know, the more we can help. Of course, there are some instances of where you cannot provide a ton of information right away and we do understand that, too!

Creating a Support Case
To create a Support Case, you can call, email, or even create a case within the Rockton Software product, or products, that you’re using.
1. Call and leave a voicemail, if needed. Toll Free: 877-476-2586, International Phone: 208-263-5288.
2. Send off an email to

3. Create a case using Web Services in the Help | Rockton Software Support window.

Below are a few different tips and tricks that I’ve found to be the most helpful when working on and troubleshooting a support case.

Version Information
We always love to know the exact versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP and the builds of the Rockton Software product or products that you’re currently using.

To find the Microsoft Dynamics GP version from within Dynamics GP, go to Help [Alt + H] | About Microsoft Dynamics GP.

To find the current Rockton Software product build, you can go to Help [Alt + H] | Rockton Software Support.

Or you can also go to Tools | Setup | Product | Product Setup.


If you’re receiving specific error messages or having a specific issue take a screenshot so we can see. Screenshots are always helpful to have included in your case.

Always include any details about the issue you’re having along with any troubleshooting steps, blogs, or Knowledge Base articles, which you have already tried. Include repro steps if the issue/situation can be recreated.

Here are some examples: The issue only occurs on one workstation, the issue is occurring for specific users, it all started happening after an update was applied, a new product was recently installed, etc.

Including a copy of your DYNAMICS.SET file is also helpful, this allows us to see what other products you’re currently using. Note: You can quickly copy/paste your Launch file right from the Help [Alt + H] Rockton Software Support window.

If an error message is being thrown, try to capture a Script Log or a dexSQL.log of when the error is being thrown. Read this helpful blog to learn more about creating a Script Log.

Click here to learn more about the Microsoft Dynamics GP versions that we support.

To install Dynamic GP Toolbox, simply run the ToolboxSetup.exe in the install folder. It works best if you right click and choose to run as administrator. When you launch Microsoft Dynamics GP on the first machine, you will be prompted to include new code and the install wizard will start. It takes a minute or two to run through the wizard. Then, run the ToolboxSetup.exe on the remaining machines and choose “yes” when prompted to include new code. These installs will be faster since you do not need to run the wizard. 

Before you enable any of the tools in Dynamics GP Toolbox, you will first want to have a discussion around what tools you plan to use. Planning the tools you need to enable makes implementing much easier.

After you complete the install and have determined the tools you wish to use, you are ready to implement Dynamics GP Toolbox. The implementation time can vary from just a few minutes to an hour or more. It all depends on how many tools you plan to use. Many of the tools, like Safe Login and Reason For Hold, only require you to mark the tool enabled so those are quick to implement. Some tools though, like the Inactivity Timeout and Payment Approval, will take some additional set up and therefore, will take a little longer.

When planning the implementation, here are some estimates on the time it could take. Again, these are just estimates and can vary from business to business.

5-10 minutes for the first machine, 3-5 minutes each machine after

15 minutes to determine the Dynamics GP Toolbox tools you want to use

Average 5 minutes per tool: some will be less, some may be a bit more

2 hours of testing

We always recommend you test the tools after you enable them to make sure they are working as you expect and to familiarize yourself with them. If you have any questions or any issues, our support team is there to help you. You can contact them at

After you have completed your implementation and set ups in Dynamics GP Toolbox, use the Import/Export feature to Export your existing settings. This allows you to have a backup of your settings should you ever need to restore.

You’re perusing around your Microsoft Dynamics GP, but then you find yourself a little lost. There are different windows and fields passing you by . . . when it hits you. You want to know more. You want to dig into the windows and find the field names, table information, etc.

Welcome Dynamics GP Toolbox’s Inspector!

Once you open Inspector (Dynamics GP Toolbox >> Inspector) every window becomes more interesting. Inspector will show you all of the tables that make up the particular window, as well as the technical details: tables that contain the actual field, product, form, window, and column.

For more information on all the tools in Dynamics GP Toolbox, click here to download the brochure.

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