Need A Little Help Using Rockton’s Microsoft Dynamics GP Products? Create a Support Case.

Sep 15, 2022

Have you found yourself in a pickle while using any of our products? Our decades-long experience can help you find a way out. To do that, you’ll need to create a support case. We’ll walk you through how to create an efficient and effective support case so our Microsoft Dynamics GP support team can help you. The more we know, the better we can help. Of course, we do understand that there are some instances of where you cannot provide a ton of information right away, and that’s okay. Take a look at the following information that we’ve put together to make life a little easier when you’re creating a new support case.

How to Create a Support Case

To create a Support Case, you can call, email, or create a case within the Rockton Software product(s) that you’re using. Here’s how you can contact us:

  • Call us at 877-476-2586, or, if you are from outside the United States, call us at 208-263-5288.
  • Email us at
  • Create a support case inside the product by clicking the “Help” in the Rockton Software Support window.

Here’s What We Need From You and How to Find It

Below are a few different tips and tricks that our Microsoft Dynamics GP support team has found to be most helpful when working on and troubleshooting a support case.

Provide Version and Build Information

This helps us know the exact versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP and the builds of the Rockton Software product(s) that you’re currently using so we can support you in our fullest capacity. To find the Microsoft Dynamics version from within Dynamics GP, click “Help” or press [Alt + H] at the same time. Then, click “About Microsoft Dynamics GP” and this screen will pop-up.

open support case

To find the current Rockton Software product build, you can go to Help [Alt + H] and click on Rockton Software Support.

microsoft dynamics gp support case

Another option is to go to Tools drop down menu and find Setup, then Product, and Product Setup and you’ll find it in the top part of your screen like so.

rockton product version

Always Include Details

Leave a description of the issue you’re having along with any troubleshooting steps, blogs, or Knowledge Base articles, which you have already tried. If you haven’t tried those, we encourage you to browse Knowledge Base to potentially find an answer quick. Be sure to include reproduction steps if the issue or situation can be recreated.

Here’s some examples of details that would be helpful for our Microsoft Dynamics GP support team to know:

  • The issue only occurs on one workstation
  • The issue is occurring for specific users
  • It all started happening after an update was applied
  • A new product was recently installed

We suggest to also include a copy of your DYNAMICS.SET file to allow us to see what other products you’re currently using. Note: You can quickly copy and paste your Launch file right from the Help [Alt + H] in the Rockton Software Support window shown below.

script log for microsoft dynamics gp support

Screenshots and Scripts are Very Helpful

If you’re receiving specific error messages or having a specific issue, take a screenshot so we can see what you’re seeing. You can also try to capture a Script Log or a dexSQL.log of when the error is being thrown. Feel free to ask us how to create a Script Log.

We’re Happy to Help

Once the support case has been sent to our support team for Microsoft Dynamics GP, we will find the solution and get in touch with you shortly. Check to see which Microsoft Dynamics GP versions we do support and take advantage of our training and implementation services that can get your questions answered and assist with Dynamic GP modules.

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