Score a Slam Dunk With Rockton Software

Aug 31, 2022

rockton software slam dunk

Guest Post: Written By Tom Weaver, Financial Systems Manager at Excelsior College

For those of you who might need a visual, let me paint a picture. I’m a proud Microsoft Dynamics GP user, but sometimes I run into some limitations, or for the sake of this analogy, an intimidating rival team. This is where I lean on the all-star team at Rockton Software. With their incredible add-on software, I’m sure to score a game winning slam dunk.  

Dynamics GP Toolbox creates a Well-Rounded Team  

Microsoft Dynamics GP is an incredible ERP, but to really help my team soar, we needed some tricks up our sleeve to score big. Dynamics GP add-on Toolbox enhances our team’s functionality. Our centers in the paint feel supported with added security tools while defending the basket. Our shooting guards and small forwards drain three pointers thanks to accelerated administrative and business processes. The whole team runs plays like clockwork with a simplified and enhanced user experience. With so many tools in one convenient package, this add-on was a no brainer for our team on their path to success. 

Read About All 27 Tools in Dynamics GP Toolbox 

Dribble, Pass, Shoot with SmartFill  

When I’m looking for a specific player to pass the ball to, but I’m having trouble finding them, the Rockton team is there with Rockton’s Dynamics GP add-on SmartFill. Some of the benefits of this incredible tool include:  

  • Finding information up to 83% faster – it’s like a Google-style data search tool  
  • All I need is a few letters of a name or part of an item ID – matches show up immediately  
  • Increased productivity – 4,000 pre-defined lookups are built-in, but you can also create custom lookups on the fly when you need them the most  

This tool is a no brainer when I need to find the perfect player to take the shot.  

Learn More about Smart Fill 

Auditor: The Best Defense is a Good Offense  

Do you often face compliance audits due to industry regulations or SOX legislation? Try zone defense with the data-change management tool, Auditor. Intuitive setup and flexible tracking options let you decide what level and type of tracking is best for you. (Track it. Audit it. Authorize it. Report it.) When the auditor, or rival team, throws the ball in, your team can use a full court press. By following auditor protocol, all zones will be covered.  

Get in Formation with Auditor 

The Ball is in Your Court  

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed getting to know the incredible Rockton team as we bounce-pass ideas back-and-forth for new features. I never feel as if my shot has been blocked or that I’m going to be called for a backcourt violation. Rockton takes their time with my questions and every turnover evolves into a win because of their vast knowledge. I can’t imagine Microsoft Dynamics GP without Rockton Software and their all-star team and products.  

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