A Rocking Review from Okaya Electric America

Nov 22, 2022

Joseph C. Markovich has been IT manager at Okaya Electric America for 18 years and has been a Rockton super fan for many, many, many years. In this video, Markovich shares how SmartFill, Dynamics Report Manager, and Auditor has helped him work simpler and easier® in Dynamics GP. If you’re new to Rockton and our tools, let us show you around!

SmartFill is your go-to search tool. Type something in SmartFill, even if it’s missing numbers or partially formed, and find what you’re looking for 83% faster. SmartFill is one of our shining stars at Rockton, followed by Auditor. Auditor tracks data changes. So, if a field got changed or need any explanation to why a name was changed, Auditor can tell you when, who, why, where, how and why. As for Dynamics Report Manager, you are able to manage and print all of your Dynamics GP reporting from pretty much anywhere, to pretty much anywhere, at pretty much any time without having to install or launch any external applications to do it.

Are you psyched to work more efficiently like Joe here? Then, schedule a one-on-one demo for a detailed tutorial on your chosen tool (or all of them if you so desire). If you’re certain SmartFill, Dynamics Report Manager, or Auditor is the one for you, then go ahead and give it a 30-day free test drive. Don’t forget, there’s more where that came from. Check out our other tools. As always, we’re here to help and can be reached at sales@rocktonsoftware.com to answer any of your questions.

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