When did those payment terms get changed? Who gave this employee an unauthorized raise? Where? How? Why?

Let us help you answer all of those questions and more with Auditor, a simple (yet robust) data-change management tool. While fraud prevention is the most common reason Auditor provides outstanding value for Microsoft Dynamics GP, the personal and customized fit offers the flexibility of tracking data changes for many reasons. Whether you want the added insurance to protect your data integrity, or you face compliance audits due to industry regulations or SOX legislation, Auditor has you covered.

Track it. Audit it. Authorize it. Report it.

Flexible setup and tracking options let you determine what level and type of tracking is best for you in Microsoft Dynamics GP or at the SQL database level. You can even choose to be notified by email when changes happen. E-Sign is built into Auditor for an extra layer of security if you want to require users to obtain supervisory authorization before changing data.

Integrates with SmartList and 3rd Party Products

Designed to integrate with SmartList and any of your third-party products, Auditor can quickly sort, filter, and report on all of your audits.


Product Highlights

  • Create your own audits quickly with an intuitive setup
  • Use Auditor with your Dynamics GP system, at the SQL database level, and any 3rd party products
  • Ensure specific changes are authorized first with built-in E-Sign electronic signature
  • Track data changes at the table level or screen level
  • Turn on the requirement of users to write a note of explanation for a change