Modules in Dynamics GP Affected by Dynamics GP Toolbox


Explains the tables used by Dynamics GP Toolbox.

More Information:

The product creates tables in the DYNAMICS database only and only Dexterity client-side triggers.

It updates DYNAMICS GP system tables that get updated for creating Security Data, menu items, toolbars, etc.  These are admin-type things that virtually any product would do.

The following tools will affect other modules:

  • DocSync – Sales Order Processing – changes the SOP Number when doing a transfer from Quote to Order, Order to Invoice, or Quote to Invoice, if any of these options are enabled.
  • Payment Approvals – Payables Management – the approvals do not change any module data; it prevents you from posting if required approvals have not been met.
  • Period Open/Close – General Ledger –  runs the GP routines that open and/or close GL periods, if requested by the user. Also may create GL Fiscal Calendars, if requested by the user. Does not directly affect any GL transactions.

The above will only happen if those specific tools are enabled.

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