The Mentor Window is Open but is not Visible


The Mentor window is open but it is not visible.


The coordinates to the window are out of the normal range view.


Reset the coordinates to the window by following these steps:

1. Make a complete restorable backup.
2. Open SQL Server Management Studio.
3. Click New Query.
4. Run the following statement against the DYNAMICS database:

select * from DYNAMICS..RSTB001 where RSTB_System_Setting_Key = 'MENTOR_Window_Position' and USERID = 'XXX'

Note: Replace XXX with the specific User ID.

5. In the results from Step 4, note the DEX_ROW_ID.
6. Run the following update statement to update the value:

Update DYNAMICS..RSTB001 set RSTB_System_Setting_Valu = '-191,40' where DEX_ROW_ID = YYY

Note: Replace YYY with the DEX_ROW_ID you noted in Step 5.

7.  Log back into Microsoft Dynamics GP, and then open the Mentor window.


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