Password Policy has not been enabled message

You want to force all users to change their password upon logging into GP, however, you are getting a message ‘Password Policy has not been enabled.’


The Dynamics GP Toolbox Password Policy needs to be enabled and the Expiration option must have a minimum of 1 day set.

  1. Open the Toolbox system settings window under Microsoft Dynamics GP | Tools | Setup |  Dynamics GP Toolbox | System Settings.
  2. Open the Password Policy tool.
  3. Mark the Enable Password Policy checkbox  if it is not already marked.
  4. On the Expiration option, set to at least 1 day. (Do not set to zero as this will cause the password to never expire, which disables the forcing of Users to change their password feature in the User Setup window.)

  5. Click OK to save changes
  6. Open User Setup under Microsoft Dynamics GP | Tools | Setup | System | User.
  7. Enter the system password if prompted.
  8. On the User Setup window place your cursor in the password field.
  9. Click the Additional menu and select Force all to change password.

  10. Click Yes on the prompt message to force users to change their password.
  11. Close the User Setup window.
  12. Log out of GP for changes to take effect.

The next time Users log into Microsoft Dynamics GP, they will be prompted to change their password.


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