Mass update/install of Rockton Software product chunk (*.cnk) file

You would like to do a mass update of the *.cnk file for Rockton Software products using a batch file.

You can use this batch file information to do a mass update of workstation *.cnk files.

*Please read all of the information before starting, as there are several important recommendations to follow:

NET USE O: \\ServerName\SharedFolder

XCOPY “O:\ FilesForGP \*.*” C:\Program Files\Great Plains 10\ /D /C /u
START C:\Program Files\Great Plains 10\Dynamics.exe Dynamics.set

Batch File Requirements
File Names can be anything as long as you modify the batch file accordingly.

  • A shared folder on a server that is accessible by the workstation.
  • An empty text file named gpmap.txt resides in the shared folder.
  • A folder named FilesForGP resides on the share.
    • This is where you save new *.cnk files.

Batch File Explanation (what the batch file does)

  • See if the workstation can see O:\gpmap.txt.
    • If it can, then the workstation must be mapped to the correct share.  If not, go ahead and map drive O: to the correct share.
  • Copy all files found in FilesForGP to C:\Program Files\Great Plains 10
    • The switches /D /C /U say to only copy the files that are newer than the dictionaries you have (/D), to keep copying if there are errors (/C), and verify the copy (/U).
  • And finally, now that the workstation has all the newest files, launch GP like normal.

Batch File Usage

  • Save the above code to a batch file and name it something like Launch GP.bat and copy the batch file to the workstation.

Modify the Dynamics GP shortcuts

  • On each workstation, there are usually two shortcuts to launch Dynamics GP.  One is usually on the desktop and the other under Start Menu | Program Files, depending on how the user has it setup.

Example of Start Menu Location:

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Microsoft Dynamics\GP 2015

Example of Desktop Shortcut Location:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics\GP2015

    • These shortcuts usually point to something like C:\Program Files\Great Plains 10\Dynamics.exe Dynamics.set, but this can vary depending on your version and where you installed Dynamics GP.
    • Change these shortcuts to point to the new batch file.
    • Whenever you receive a new dictionary, you update one workstation and unchunk a dictionary to that workstation.
    • Then copy the unchunked dictionaries to the FilesForGP share on the network.
    • Then, each user who launches their local icon on their desktop will get that updated dictionary.

For information on a silent install, take a look at the following KB article.
 Performing a silent install of Rockton Software products. (Unattended/Silent Installation):