Wrong Number of Arguments to ‘Defaults_Read’.

When installing a Rockton Software product, you receive the following error.

‘Wrong number of arguments to ‘Defaults_Read’.’

Both the regular desktop client and the web client installed on the same machine. This prevents the Dex.ini from getting updated with the correct settings for ISV products.

There are two settings in the Dex.ini file that indicate the Web Client is installed on a machine. They are as follows:


Option 1
Even if you are not using the Web Client, if you see these two line items in your Dex.ini file, then the Web Client was installed at some point in time on the machine. You can try setting these to FALSE.

Option 2
If the issue continues, you will need to uninstall ALL GP clients and then re-install only the Desktop client. When you uninstall the Web and Desktop Client, you will need to uninstall all things including the folders. Then, re-install just the Desktop Client. This will need to be done on each workstation/server where you have GP installed.

If these steps are not done, other 3rd party products you install will cause this error.

If the situation described above does not apply to you, then please contact support@rocktonsoftware.com for assistance with this issue.

More Information:
We have discussed this issue with Microsoft and they have recommended that customers not have the regular desktop client and web client installed on the same machine as it is not possible to reliable run in an environment where you have both installed on the same machine. Doing so causes problems updating the Dex.ini from the desktop client.