DocSync Quote to Invoice does not seem to transfer

Why does the DocSync Quote to Invoice not seem to transfer?

There are several things that you need to be sure you have entered/set up in order to transfer Quotes:

  1. If you expand the line on the quote, ensure there is a quantity in the Qty to Invoice or Qty to Order fields. You need to have a quantity entered there (depending on whether you are transferring to an order or an invoice) for it to work correctly.
  2. If you have the correct quantity entered then you will want to check the set up.
    1. Go to Microsoft Dynamics GP | Tools | Setup | Sales | Sales Order Processing.
    2. Click Sales Document Setup.
    3. Click Quote.
    4. Pull up the Quote ID you used on the quote you entered.
    5. Look at the Transfer Quote to Order checkbox and the Transfer Quote to Fulfillment Order/Invoice – are they marked? If marked, do you have an Order ID entered in the Use Order ID field and an invoice ID entered in Use Fulfillment Order/Invoice?  If you are missing the Order or Invoice ID you wish to transfer to, it does not know where to transfer and just stays where it is.

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