Display Optimization Options

What Display Optimization Option displays the Security Manager data the quickest?

The Display Optimization options are necessary to determine when the caching process should be done for you automatically.

Ask Each Time:  Whenever you perform an action that causes the Security Manager to redisplay, if Display Optimization is not currently active, you will be asked whether or not you want to start Display Optimization. Actions that cause the window to redisplay include selecting a new Filter and clicking the Redisplay button on the Security Manager window.

At the Login: As soon as you log in to Dynamics GP, the Display Optimization cache will start to be loaded in the background.

When you open Security Manager: Whenever you open the Security Manager window, if the Display Optimization cache is empty, then it will start to load in the background.

Never use Display Optimization: The cache will never be automatically loaded.

Once Security Manager is cached, it doesn’t matter which option you have chosen as far as the speed of Security Manager displaying data goes.  The speed is affected by whether or not you cache, but when you do the actual caching will not matter.  Unless of course, you choose ‘Ask Each Time’ or ‘When you open Security Manager’, then you will need to wait for the caching process to complete before it will display data in the Security Manager window.  Once it completes, the speed will be the same. It will always take longer to display if you choose NOT to cache.

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