Difference between the inactivity timeout and Periodic Check Priority tools

What is the difference between the inactivity timeout tool and Periodic Check Priority tool?

The inactivity timeout tool and the Periodic Check priority tool are completely different from one another.

Inactivity Timeout monitors activity and attempts to gracefully log a User out of Microsoft Dynamics GP if they have not had any activity for the specified time period. How it does this is by the Periodic Check Priority of timed tasks.

Periodic Check Priority allows you to set the priority of the timed task that checks each User for activity. So, by default it is set at a priority of 50. This is typically a large enough priority number that it does not interfere with the other 49 or less priority timed tasks.

If you have more than 50 timed tasks, then increasing the Periodic Check Priority from 50 to 75, or 100, will cause the Periodic Check Priority to not check to see if there is inactivity until all of those timed tasks have run. This eliminates the possibility of the process monitor filling up, thereby locking up GP.

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