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Omni Price for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Omni Price

Manage nearly every pricing situation you can think of, and a bunch you haven’t.

We call it the magical slice-and-dice-your-price device, but you’ll probably just call it brilliant. Rockton’s Omni Price takes Microsoft Dynamics GP’s Pricing, Invoicing and Sales Order Processing modules to a new level of easy. It’s built to work together with GP’s standard pricing, so there is no need to turn anything on or off. You just get all kinds of extra capabilities to extend your pricing power.

Multiple Contract Pricing Options:
Specify which customers, items, or dates drive special pricing over the standard GP pricing and prioritize your contracts to automatically find the best price. A built-in price check tool helps serve customers more efficiently and easy Excel import/export keeps contracts organized and accessible.
11 Variable Pricing Calculations:
Within our Microsoft Dynamics GP pricing solution, you can use the comprehensive pricing matrix to create special pricing calculations such as fixed price, fixed adjustment, percent of cost, percent of price, discounts, markups, margins, and more.
Flexible Filters:
Apply pricing as you need to without reconfiguring for every customer or item. Optional date filters allow you to define date ranges for valid pricing to accommodate special promotions. You can even use the Mass Update tool to update all, some, or one contract at a time.

Simplified Pricing Markdowns or Adjustments:
Change a unit price or keep the original price and apply the difference to the markdown amount. Or use multiple options to map markdowns to multiple GL accounts.            

Omni Price is the best in Microsoft Dynamics GP pricing, and is built for any company needing to handle special pricing and contract situations above and beyond GP’s standard pricing. Retail, manufacturing, and distribution businesses particularly find Omni Price a perfect solution to handle their complex pricing scenarios.

5 ways Omni Price will rock your world:

  • Enhance GP’s standard pricing capabilities without having to shift between programs
  • Setup pricing contracts by customer, item, date, or unique criteria
  • Use filters to simplify lookups, updates, tracking, and exports
  • Prioritize multiple contracts to allow more than one valid contract at a time
  • Handle complex pricing levels and requirements with ease