Congrats to these 2 Dynamics GP Nonprofit Organizations

A few years ago, Rockton enacted a 1-1-1 rule. This means we dedicate 1% of our team’s time, 1% of company profits, and 1% of our product is given to charities in our communities. Employees enthusiastically jumped at the chance to engage with their chosen charities. It is such a great part of our company culture. We support a wide and interesting range of nonprofits in the communities where Rockton Software employees reside.

Going along with this rule we have recently incorporated something new. Each year we ask for nominations from nonprofits that would like to receive one of our products at no charge. We typically announce the winner at GPUG Summit but since this event went virtual we had to do things a little differently.

This year we are thrilled to give out not 1 but 2 awards.

Congrats to Autism Services of Saskatoon and Grace Lutheran Communities.

After all the submissions were reviewed, we felt these two service organizations go above and beyond for their community and they both deserved to get their requested product.

Autism Services of Saskatoon Submission

I would like to nominate Autism Services to receive the Dynamics GP Toolbox solution. We have been in operation for just over 40 years in the Saskatoon community and on an annual basis have approximately 130-145 new families every year coming to us for services.  The existing families still need support so our demand for services has been increasing dramatically in the past 5 years.  In all of this, I feel having the right tools in our hands to do our administrative processing as efficiently as possible is a good way for us to save a few dollars that can then be used to support our clients.

Grace Lutheran Communities

I’m writing this nomination for the free Rockton product that you are looking to reward to a non-profit organization. We are a non-profit organization that specializes in Skilled Nursing Facilities, Assisted Livings, Low-Income Apartments, Adult Day Services, and Child Care. Our organization uses Microsoft Dynamics GP for our Accounts Payable and Finance reporting.

Being a nonprofit organization, we use our budget to the best of our ability to service our residents and clients and most times go without the technology items that would help us with our day-to-day operations in the office. If I could have one product introduced to my Finance Team, I would like to get SmartFill. I feel as though the functionality of this product would greatly help us when we are dealing with information for 20-plus facilities and over 300 vendors that we do business with.

With a small team of seven people doing so much any little time saving tool would greatly help and impact the amount of time spent looking for something within the Dynamics system. I also find that this product would allow us to find mistakes before they happen and really impact our organization. I know that using this product previously it can help elevate double payment to vendors and such issues that arise. With an organization that does so much for so many facilities with a small number of employees this product would definitely be beneficial to us.

Congratulations to both and we are so excited to help be a part of your mission!

If you would like to learn about these two organizations and donate check out the information and links below.

Autism Services continuously strives to deliver the highest standard of support, advocacy, and service to individuals with autism, and their families and caregivers.

Click here to donate,

Our vision at Grace Lutheran Communities is an evolution. We will breathe life into our vision with initiatives that help us live the vision a little more each day.

Click the link to donate to our Supplying Grace Fundraiser:

Boredom Busters

Did you ever think there would be a shortage of toilet paper? Or we would attempt to cut/color our own hair, OD’ing on hand sanitizer, or that wearing masks would become the norm?

Matter of fact, we have a Rockton Parody all about it.


Being in this COVD life since March sure has been challenging. It has created anxiety and uncertainty and put a lot of stress on us and our families. But, in the midst of all the chaos, we are also getting more creative, learning new things, and making the most of it.

What has the team at Rockton been up to? Many of us have been cleaning, decluttering, learning new things, and staying active. We thought it would be fun to share some of the ways we’ve been keeping busy in hopes to help give you ideas as we head into the winter months.

Lisa Oberg

  • Golf – it’s one of the only sports right now that makes you feel good, allows you to get some fresh air & exercise, spending time with friends while social distancing, and lets you forget about COVID for a few hours.
  • Family Game Night – Our go-to game right now is Catan. It involves the whole family, promotes problem-solving mixed with a little strategy and is something different than Monopoly.
  • Using “Microsoft Teams” for Virtual Happy Hours – I’ve been connecting with my college sorority sisters and it’s been a great opportunity to catch up, talk about our kids and their challenges with being in High School, distance learning, sports etc. and our other children that are facing similar challenges with college.

Jim Peliksza

We have used this extended lockdown to finally declutter our house. We made a list of everything that needs addressing in every room and have been knocking down that list, little by little, pretty much every weekend since this began. I don’t know if I would call it “fun” per se, but the results are endlessly satisfying.

Mark Rockwell

I’ve done more TV watching in the past few months that I have in the same number of years.  Netflix exclusively.

Mike Watt

I tried to cut my own hair… but I don’t think it would be considered fun… the end result certainly isn’t.

Oh, one thing I have done that’s fun is Legos! Built an awesome VW Van.

Boredom Busters with Legos

Paul Pollock

My family has slowed down and we have planned more “togetherness” moments.  We went camping almost every weekend for 2.5 months starting around May when the campgrounds opened up.  We spent many nights by the fire sharing stories, fishing early in the morning and fishing at night, going to the beach, swimming for hours, renting kayaks and standup boards, playing card games in the camper, and going for hikes more than we ever did in previous years.  In all of these weekend trips, there were so many fun memories or things we did together and that is what got us through a lot.

COVID has affected so many lives & families (and continues to do so).  Families have lost loved ones and I can’t imagine their grief.  For our family though, COVID has helped bring us together and form a stronger family bond.  It forced us to listen more and talk less.  It also gave (forced) us to show our kids how you handle bad situations like a pandemic.  Like making personal hygiene something we can all get better at.  We try to be the examples for them, even though we are just as nervous as they are.

This summer we spent many hours outside landscaping and adding value to our home.  We added new flower beds, transplanted hostas to add more life, built garden boxes for my kids so they could plant strawberries, grew tomatoes in several planters, and I tried growing jalapenos for the first time.  I put up bird and squirrel feeders as well.

Shawn Strayer

  • Got a new bow for my Birthday so I have been going to the archery range and shooting more!
  • Driving through the mountains to enjoy the fall colors.
  • Quick camping trip using our rooftop tent on the Jeep.Rockton Staycation Jeep Camping Trip
  • Spending time with our dog who is getting up there in age

Rockton Staycation Pets


Kris Berger

  • We’ve done a virtual couple’s cooking classes. The classes we have taken go from making a Charcuterie meat & cheese board to Chicago deep-dish pizza and Thai Curry.
  • We’ve done a virtual escape room with a group
  • Using the Houseparty app, we’ve connected with friends and family to play the trivia and games that are part of the app
  • We’ve found a lot of new walking trails in our area
  • We’ve had patio happy hour with friends
  • Spa nights at home – facials, manicures, and pedicures
  • Met family at parks to do socially distant walks
  • Attended online church on Sunday mornings. It’s become one of our favorite times to be together get organized for the week and have breakfast
  • Firepit and movies outside

Sue Roe

  • Planted a garden
  • Multiple home repair and improvement projects
  • Started a weekly Zoom book club with my siblings, nieces and nephews
  • Stream yoga classes
  • Moved kids back and forth to college two extra times
  • Played backyard beer pong with same kids
  • De-cluttered house, Marie Kondo style
  • Helped my daughter sew her first quilt
  • Rediscovered cards and board games and got some new ones (recommend Wizard)Rockton Staycation Quilt Making

Alicia Weigel

Well, what have I done so far? It’s quite a list.

  • Put our Christmas lights up on the house
  • Organized nearly every corner and closet in the house
  • Baked more than I have in my life
  • Taught my boys how to bake without burning the house down
  • Countless puzzles with the family
  • Teaching my boys how to play chess
  • Started designing my holiday cards
  • Sent quarantine gifts for friends stuck at home
  • Finally programmed my Alexa to do what I say

I am not done yet, here is what I have left or want to do:

  • Plan to learn calligraphy
  • Start a succulent garden for the winter months so I have something green growing inside for winter
  • Redecorate both of my son’s rooms

Amiee Keenan

It feels like so long ago when you could just get on a plane and go anywhere. I was going to FL a few times a year to visit family (my parents, daughter, and granddaughter) well since that’s not happening we are Facetiming a lot more.

We also have the Facebook Portal which makes it easier and you don’t have to worry about your phone dying so quickly.

I have been doing a lot of organizing and decluttering but still have a ton to go. I just received a Cricut Joy for my birthday. I plan to use that a lot in the coming months as it gets colder here in RI. Maybe I will become a DIY crafter.

Angie Hinickle

During the lockdown, I have had 2 distractions that have helped keep me from pulling my hair out (which I suppose would be the closest thing I have had to a haircut!)

Knitting is a longtime hobby of mine, but this year my knitting has become pandemic focused.  I knit a rainbow stuffie to hang in my window to show love and solidarity with my community. I used the leftover rainbow yarn to knit a baby blanket for a friend’s pandemic born baby.

Rockton Stayation Rainbow Pillow

Animal Crossing – Imagine if you could escape our current 2020 reality to a faraway desert island with only those you love and some surreal and adorable animal neighbors….all from the comfort of your quarantine couch.  That pretty much sums up the Nintendo Switch game Animal Crossing. My 7-year-old daughter and I have fully immersed ourselves in this fun and creative game.  And it has the added bonus of visiting our friends’ and family’s islands who live in other states.  It has helped us all stay connected in a unique setting.

Animal Crossing

What you have been doing during this time in quarantine, feel free to share them with us?

Also, if you’re not part of our Summit Staycation, learn more and sign up today.

10 Ways To Automate and Audit Your Commission Puzzle

Are you still manually calculating commissions or royalties?

Do you need variable compensation management to handle multiple intricacies of your commission structure?

Do you wish there was a way to audit when lines are added to existing documents and when commissions are changed?

It’s possible to automate and audit the accounting and administration of your commissions, rebates, royalties, bonuses, and SPIFFS.

Commission Plan is the only variable compensation management software that is completely integrated with Dynamics GP.

Auditor is a simple (yet robust) data-change management tool that will track any of those field level changes in GP and in other 3rd party products.

There are 2 tools to automate and audit your commission puzzle, and we are going to dive into 10 the ways they can do that.

1 – Attach multiple salespeople with a split percentage

What if you didn’t have to manually determine the salesperson or salesperson’s splits for a document?

You’re probably tired of pasting the Invoice details to multiple salesperson’s tabs on your spreadsheet and remembering which salespeople split a particular customer or sale.

Commission Plan allows you to attach multiple salespeople with a split percentage if needed to our customer, an item, or a territory.  This will allow them to automatically default onto the invoice for commission purposes and begin tracking their commissions.

2 – Automatically calculate the commissions

What if your commissions automatically calculated as sales documents are updated?

Document lines change, a new price is entered, quantities are modified, or a line is deleted. Commission Plan automatically calculates the commissions for the sales document and automatically updates with no manual intervention.

3 – Easily set different rate structures

What if you didn’t have to assign a rate to each salesperson’s lines on your spreadsheet?

The more complex your structure is, varying the rate by product line or differing the rate between an inside rep versus an account executive can be a lot to handle.

The Commission Matrix, Commission Plan allows you to group like customers, items, and salespeople together for commission purposes and easily define the rate.

You can easily manage the many different rate combinations contained in your company’s compensation plan.

4 – Reconciliation of invoices to payments

What if you could quit manually reconciling invoices to payments to determine which commission should be released?

You probably have a list of invoices and a list of payments and have to match them up routinely.

If you void an invoice or if a payment is unapplied, updating your spreadsheets becomes even more tedious.

Commission Plan automatically tracks per salesperson ID when a commission is ready to be released. Whether you release when the invoice is posted, or when the invoice is paid it is bringing you the task of the reconciliation.

5 – Edit commission after the document is posted

What if you could edit the commission after this SOP document is posted?

Commission Plan entry allows you to edit the commission even after the SOP document is posted so you can easily add/remove salespeople, change the commission type or rate, or even the commissionable sale/cost amounts if needed.

Commission Plan entry allows you to edit the commissions for a given transaction and keep it all tied to document in Dynamics GP.

6 – Release payments with just a few clicks

What if you could release the proper compensation payments to your salespeople with just a few clicks?

At the end of the period, use the filtering power of Commission Plan to easily dictate which range of commissions should be released for payment.  Whether you pay salespeople weekly, monthly or quarterly.

And, when processing a salesperson’s commission, the software can also automatically create a general ledger, accounts payable, or payroll transaction. Saving you time and data entry errors.

7 – Avoid Data Silos

What if you could produce reliable results, avoid data silos and get the full data picture in the hands of the people who need it?

Commission data is stored in your ERP system alongside the sales transactions, providing multiple inquiries and reporting options.

You can easily answer questions from reps. The CFO can make strategic decisions. The sales manager can see how well a new product is doing. The account rep can focus on servicing the customer. This enables everyone to realize their compensation program goals.

8 – Audit Everything and Anything

What if you could audit any field, any changes, in GP or 3rd party products?

Auditor just about audits anything you can imagine in Dynamics GP, if you can think of a place where you would make an edit to a record, add a new record, or delete a record, that’s where Auditor is going to work.

It also works with all Dexterity-based 3rd party solutions like Commission Plan.

So, if you’re looking or wanting to see who’s making changes to those commission structures and things like that, that is something you’d be able to track with Auditor.

Auditor is a field-specific auditing solution, which means you can look at any window across Dynamics GP and those 3rd party products and pick and choose the fields on the window you want to audit. So, you’re not having to take everything that’s on that window and cram a whole lot of data into your tables.

You get to be selective and say, OK, I care about when someone adds a new line to this invoice. Maybe I need to know when a vendor’s check name is changed, but I don’t necessarily care if someone updates a PO number or maybe, you know, something a little bit more minor, perhaps an address or a phone number.

This allows us to get around some of the performance degradations that auditing software can sometimes cause on your system. We don’t want to slow down your work in GP. We want to make sure that that work is accurate, that you’re able to report on those changes, and that those changes were valid, to begin with.

9 – Reporting and e-signatures made easy

What if reporting on all of those changes getting an e-signature for a locked field were that simple and easy?

You can track all of those changes to all of those fields that you chose. All the reporting is done inside of GP standard SmarLists. You don’t need to have an external report server or maintain a bunch of custom reports.

We get to use just standard GP’s SmartLists, which we create for you when installing the product.

Audits are everything systemwide, so regardless of how many companies you have, all of your audits are, by default, auditing all users and all companies, unless you want to dial that back, which is totally possible.

E sign approvals is included with Auditor. This is going to let you put a lock on a field before it can be changed. So say you wanted to put a lock on that commission field. We could do that. Then it would require someone else to sign off on it and give a reason why that change is happening.

All of that would be recorded and kept in here. And then we also have security audits. So if you change your GP security, we’re automatically tracking that for you and keeping it out here separately.

10 – Get a complete 360 view

What if you knew the who, what, and when of any changes made in Dynamics GP?

You will always have a date and time-stamped so you know exactly when it happened.

The user who made the change, the workstation from which it was made is the person that logged in and made the change. The workstation is where they were sitting at. Unless you’re using a terminal or Citrix environment, then that would just show that box.

Company and database, the change affected, the type of audit it was.

We also can audit at the SQL level.

So if you have an integration that writes directly to the table, or maybe you’ve got a DBA that’s making update statements in the backend, we can capture that, as well.

The type of event edit means we changed something preexisting. This sales document was out there, and we made a change to that sales document. We can also track adding a new record and deleting a record.

We are going to show you the product that we’re auditing. So if you are auditing Commission Plan, that’s what would show up too.

We show you the field that was changed and the table that field lives in the record key.

It’s a clear snapshot of exactly what changed on a particular sales document.

Automate & Audit

Automating your variable compensation and auditing any changes gives you that little piece of assurance everything is getting done the way you want it. You’re able to track changes and report on them so everyone can be on the same page.

Are you?

  • Still manually calculating your commissions
  • Trying to figure out who did something, when did they change that particular record, when did they update this vendor, or the sales persons’ commission level
  • Handling variable compensation

How can you?

  • Easily managing your commissions
  • Audit those sales transactions when things are getting added or deleted or updated
  • Report and pay on those commissions

If you want to learn more about either of these tools you can:

Who needs pricing revenue management

Not every customer needs a pricing solution. If you have very simple pricing, not many customers or items, and your adjustments are easy to manage then you may be all set. So, ask yourself, how complex is your pricing?

Do you?

  • Manage a large list of items or customers
  • Match this customer to this item or this date
  • Apply discounts or a price adjustment to specific geographies
  • Have many types of discounts, rebates, and promotions

Can your ERP?

  • Track unlimited adjustments
  • Track those adjustments back to the GL and keep them separated for processing

We find that most ERP systems cannot handle this.

We have your back

Rockton Pricing Management (RPM) is the tool to help you and your business grow. To go from manual to automated. We know it can be time-consuming and stressful to manage it all. That’s why we have your back.

This is for the:

  • IT professionals who stay up late to input the new pricing changes each year
  • Sales team so they know they’re giving the best possible price to their customers and getting a commission too
  • Accounting so they can easily track items back to the GL, track rebates and royalties back to the vendor or customer, and not worry about over or underpaying
  • Pricing managers who need to update prices on a daily, weekly, or monthly cadence and have those prices roll down to their calculations

What’s your industry?

We found a pricing revenue management solution is great for manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers but let’s break it down even further.

  • Food distributors sell by the pound, by case, by unit of measure
  • Flooring and manufacturing distributors use rebates for their vendors
  • Waste management companies offer discounts
  • Electronics have restocking fees
  • Convenience store suppliers may need to charge a brand fee by item
  • Co-ops may need to change a price based on the daily market value of a component

Set It and Forget It

We’d like to think of RPM like a trusty crockpot. You put all the ingredients in and set the timer and forget about it until it’s done.

Well, with Rockton Pricing Management, you put in all the information such as pricing, adjustments, and items and then let RPM do its thing and it will send back a price when it’s done all the necessary calculations in the background.

All the manual effort, all the spreadsheets, all the time it takes to make changes are now alleviated when you put a pricing solution in the mix.

Still not sure if you need a pricing solution? Reach out to our team to learn more and schedule a personalized demo.

All About Automation in Dynamics GP and Business Central

Are you offering discounts, promotions, rebates, limited time offers, or any price adjustments? Do you spend too much time filing, searching and retrieving documents?

We are sharing the stage with PaperSave and bringing you two amazing tools to help you automate pricing, accounts payable, and document management.

There are ways to save money, time, and headaches when it comes to managing your pricing strategies. See how you can manage and support your processes virtually with PaperSave. Both solutions are for Microsoft Dynamics GP and Dynamics 365 BC.

Let’s Automate Pricing

There are many pricing strategies and many ways to adjust the price for your product or service. It can be a time-consuming process, there could be a lot of manual entry, and you may be limited as to the types of strategies you would like to use.

Wouldn’t be nice to have a pricing engine to help automate it all?

Start with Price Adjustments

You need to adjust a price, but you need an easier way to do it. Spreadsheets are labor-intensive and remembering to update them all can lead to human error not to mention confusion. Wouldn’t it be nice to set it and forget it?

Everyone is using price calculations in some way, shape, or form. It could be commissions, rebates, promos, incentives, and more.

Need multiple discounts or fees for one line item, no problem. Charge that restocking fee and give the vendor rebate all at the same time and track it back to a specific GL account.

No more guesswork on who gets paid, how much, and when.

With Rockton Pricing Management (RPM) you simply establish any pricing scenario one time and it handles all the calculations and hard work behind the scenes.

Are you copying price lists?

But why? Talk about tiring and time-consuming. Why not have unlimited price sheets and lists.

Why not set restrictions or say this price list is 5% more than that one.

Minimize data entry and have an audit trail for all of those changes as well.

Date-Driven Pricing

Prices do increase, don’t they? Of course, and there are so many times throughout the year you may update them. How about a 30-day promo or the flexibility to offer discounts for a certain number of days.

Some ERPs can be limited in what they offer in regards to date-driven pricing.

So, ask yourself:

  • When would you update this?
  • How often do your prices change?
  • How tedious are these updates?

Automation may be what you need to make things run smoothly and correctly.

Just lather, don’t repeat

Get a ton of flexibility with attributes and pretty much get as creative as you want.

You can group any:

  • Customer Attribute
  • Item Attribute
  • Document Attribute

Create your own groups:

  • T-Shirts:
    • Red / Blue / GreenSmall /
    • Medium / Large / XL / XXL
    • Short / Long Sleeves
  • All $10

Rockton Pricing Management offers you the flexibility to classify your pricing. All the examples we used above; you can do with Rockton Pricing Management (RPM).

Let’s Automate A/P and Document Management

Automating your AP process can really help with business continuity whether in the office or working from home.

How can PaperSave help?

  1. Access documents from anywhere. It is a self-contained secured environment. Users can access information through a web browser or mobile device.
  2. Ability to approve documents from a web browser.
  3. Increased Visibility – no searching through emails or network folders or anything else looking for documents. Especially when those vendors call.
  4. Seamless and Secure – SOC Type 2 Audits, Integrated with Active Directory

Automate A/P Process

There are a few ways to get documents into the system:

  • Email
  • Scanner
  • Drag or Drop
  • Upload

These documents will go through an OCR process that eliminates data entry and data entry errors.

We can train the system to find the information that you want to have pulled in. Otherwise known as machine learning. PaperSave will read 80% of the document.

Add approver and submit in the workflow for review.

Get information fast

You’re able to quickly and easily get insight into a certain document.

Search through all the documents to find the one you need to see and then you can redirect it or change the owner.

Reviewers and approvers will get email alerts for those documents they need to approve and they can approve through the browser or mobile device.

You can edit, add notes, approve it, and then it will continue through the process. You are now cutting down on all that paper flow.

Instead of the AP purchaser having to key in all that data entry they just have to review it.

Once submitted it will create a transaction in GP in real-time.

What happens in GP

  • They will go in a batch that you name.
  • You can see the workflow history.
  • You don’t have to file it and you have access to it wherever you are.

Take Advantage of SmartLists

Bring a query to life with a SmartList. Create a view for Auditors. Make it simple and easy to access the information.

PaperSave helps with all document management from AP to POs as well as W9s and Contracts, Payroll, HR, and more.

What’s Next?

Sumitt Staycation Exclusive Q4 event

Not traveling in Q4? Neither are we.

Don’t worry. We are going to bring the Summit Rockton experience to you.  All of it. Swag, happy hour, songs, and of course the infamous Alicia demos. Trust us, you will NOT want to miss this.

Join in the fun

We are bummed about not being at Summit in-person.  We will miss seeing your faces and sharing in many memory-making moments.  But, we are determined to make the most of the last 3 months of 2020, in true Rockton fashion.

What do we have up our sleeves?

  • Famous Rockton swag delivered right to your doorstep
  • Virtual get-together – Yes, we plan to make sure you have some happy hour gear
  • We are bringing the information and education to your fingertips – and we may have a few fellow ISVs join us too

And that’s just some of what we have in store. We can’t give it all away.

We know you are getting bombarded with emails, webinars, and feel like you are not only trapped in your house but trapped by the computer.

So, each month:

  • we have something new in-store
  • there’s a new theme
  • is a chance for you to participate, engage, and be a part of it all

Join in the fun and the opportunity for us to treat you to some fun gifts and pampering.

What are you waiting for?  Come take a Rockton Staycation with us.

We hope you’ll join us for this exclusive event for GP customers and partners.

Don’t miss out on this fun way to end the year! Learn more and sign-up here.

You know what they say, 2 is better than 1, well here at Rockton we can say 3 is better than 1. Because these 3 tools can help you each and every day.

With these 3 tools you can:

  • Put users in timeout
  • Review batches with ease
  • Be an Inspector Gadget

Dynamics GP Toolbox is a set of tools to make your work simpler & easier® whether you are a system administrator or an end-user. There is a tool for everyone, but let’s discuss three of our favorite tools here.

The Top 3

#1 – Inactivity Timeout

The Inactivity Timeout tool gracefully logs users out of Microsoft Dynamics GP after a pre-defined period of inactivity. You determine the period of time the user may be inactive before they are logged out, and they are only logged out if they are not in the middle of a process. If they have a window open where they had partially entered data, the are not logged off so as to keep your data integrity.

This is a great tool if you have users who do not log out when they finish their tasks or finish for the day. By gracefully logging them out, you make room for other users to log into your system. While you may assign the default number of minutes for users to be logged out, you may also assign a time limit based on a group of users. You can also have a group of users excluded from being tracked as inactive.

Put Dynamics GP users in timeout

Setting up groups can be done quickly and easily. After they are set up, you now can assign the time limits to each group if they are different than the default limit.

For example, you may have a default time limit of 30 minutes but have a group of Accounts Payable users who you do not want to be logged out unless they have been inactive for 60 minutes. Then, you may also have a group of Sales Order Processing users who you do not want to be logged out unless they are inactive for 120 minutes. You can simply set-up each group and assign specific time limits.

User Group Settings

You can even set up a schedule for the inactivity timeouts. During a regular business day, you might not want users logged out when inactive but do want them logged out when inactive outside of business hours. Schedules make that easy.

#2 – Batch Review

The Batch Review window allows you to access your batches in one central location. No more switching between batches and different batch windows. In this window, you can review, edit, delete, approve, and post your batches. You also easily see what transactions belong to a batch.

There are also transaction-level functions you can do using this window. You can add, delete, void, and edit transactions within the batch by selecting the appropriate icon. This opens the necessary transaction window where you can complete your task. You can also transfer transactions from the Batch Review window. For example, you may need to transfer a sales transaction from an order to an invoice. You can even move transactions from one batch to another, right from this window.

Using Batch Review is so much easier than jumping from window to window to process your batches. This is great for small companies where the same user works in multiple modules. It’s also great for large companies where they have a lot of transactions and want to easily see transactions in a batch.

Batch Review Window in Dynamics GP

#3 – Inspector

Inspector is a great tool for the IT team and for users who build reports, SmartLists, or just need to find what table a field belongs in. Inspector provides technical information about the tables and fields for almost any window in Microsoft Dynamics GP, as well as 3rd party products that are dexterity based.

This gadget is for you if you need help creating reports and SmartLists. Setting up security can also be simple and easy since the technical information for the data you want is right there in one window.

Sales Transaction Entry Window

While these are just three of the tools in the Dynamics GP Toolbox, there are plenty more to help with system security, payment approval, and more.

Next Steps:

You can always email us as well with any questions or concerns at

System Security for Dynamics GP

Working from home has its ups and downs and pluses and minuses. A few extra z’s in the morning, no commute, no traffic, and living in comfy clothes even if it is only from the waist down. But now you may have added responsibilities with the kids being home, online learning, more Zoom meetings than you ever thought possible. With more people working from home security also needs to be at an all-time high.

Did you know there was a 667% increase in Coronavirus phishing attempts?

Viruses, zoombombings, and phishing attempts are on the rise so it’s important to have the right tools and systems in place to protect your computer both at work and at home.

We want to help boost your security in Dynamics GP, manage users working from home, report on any changes made, and manage a lockout for both system maintenance and users.

Dynamics GP Toolbox contains many features to help solve business needs such as security and the ability to work simpler & easier® in Microsoft Dynamics GP. This collection of tools was created to reduce pain points in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Put users in timeout

The Inactivity Timeout tool works exactly like it sounds. You can automatically log users out of the system if they are inactive for a pre-defined amount of time and remove those inactive users with ease.

If your team is struggling to remember to log out at home or in the office then this is the tool for you.

You don’t want to be greeted with this message all the time, Maximum Number of Users has been Reached, and neither do your users.

Read more about this tool and see it in action.

Dreams do come true

Security Manager is the dream come true tool for IT and GP Administrators.

Check out how you can:

  • See which users have access to specific roles, tasks, and details in GP.
  • Get more information on a task or modify a task.
  • Export your security information to excel. View and make changes and then import it back in.

Lock them out

We have two ways you can lock out users.

Now you get your stuff done and notify everyone when you are doing it. Hey users it is time for some system maintenance so finish up what you are doing please. This gives them a one-minute warning to finish up what they are doing and log out.

Now, you will have some noninterrupted time to install a service pack or run that backup or any other maintenance you have on the list.

System Maintenance Lockout allows a system administrator to prevent users from logging into a specified company or all companies in Microsoft Dynamics GP. This will also force users to log out of the system if they are already logged in.

3 strikes and you’re out

User Lockout is a security feature that locks users out of Microsoft Dynamics GP after they have made three unsuccessful password attempts.

8 character passwords need to be a thing of the past. Even with special characters, an @ instead of an a, they still are high risk for those potential hackers. Passwords need to be a 16-24 character limit to help prevent you from being a potential victim.

These just a few of the 27 tools in our Dynamics GP Toolbox. It is one of our most popular Dynamics GP add-ons because it is packed with a ton of functionality designed to save you time, money, and frustration all while improving your Dynamics GP user experience.

Next Steps:

The Story Behind Pricing Revenue Management

Many things have changed over the years. The cell phone has evolved from a singular calling device to a do pretty much everything but walk your dog device. Coffee has gone from the coffee pot to the elaborate coffee run – non-fat, extra whip, light ice, mocha frappucino anyone?

And just like those everyday essentials, ERP systems and software solutions have also made strategic evolutions as well. When’s the last time you used a CD to install software?

The same holds true for pricing revenue management. Once upon a time, we acquired a product called Omni Price, which plenty of our customers still use today. You can set up pricing contracts by customer, item, date, or unique criteria, and use filters to simplify lookups, updates, tracking, and exports but it was just for one ERP, Dynamics GP.

It’s such a great tool so why not spread the love to other ERP systems and provide more robust functionality. So, we took on the challenge and that’s when we developed Rockton Pricing Management.

It works with:

  • Dynamics GP
  • Acumatica

You asked, we answered

One of the main reasons for this new product was customer feedback and feature requests. We’re all about helping the customer and making their work simpler & easier®. That has been our motto for over 20 years.

We weren’t able to do many of the cool requests within the existing code of the product. We thought – why not design something totally new to meet the needs of our customers. So that’s what we did.

If you have checked out some, or all, of the blogs in our pricing strategies series you learned all the ways, types, forms, advantages, and challenges pricing can have on your business.

Research, automation, and testing are important parts of an effective pricing strategy.

You may or may not need a solution

When it comes to pricing every industry is different, every business is different so you just may or may not need a pricing solution to help. We have found that there are some key industries that truly do benefit from it.

Some are:

  • Distributors (Food is a big one)
  • Manufacturers
  • Wholesalers

Many ERPs have some type of pricing functionality built-in and that may be all you need. But if you are in one of the above-mentioned industries, or have complex pricing scenarios, or a large number of customers and/or items, or offer a wide variety of price adjustments then you may just need something more robust.

Let’s Dive In

Rockton Pricing Management (RPM), an all-in-one, flexible, multi-platform, multi-currency pricing solution. It’s the  “set it and forget it” pricing solution. You simply establish any pricing scenario one time and RPM does all the calculations and hard work behind the scenes.

Key Benefits:

  • Automate dynamic pricing: Set it and forget it! You simply establish any pricing scenario one time and RPM does all the calculations and hard work behind the scenes, automatically!
  • Simplify your price lists: Create, organize, filter, and search all your price lists super-fast, and in a way that actually makes sense.
  • Create date-driven pricing: Assign valid date ranges to your price lists and you will automatically get the right one—on your schedule.
  • Take control of rebates, commissions, restock fees, offsets and more: Track special pricing adjustments and make sure everyone gets paid. Increase overall revenue by protecting your desired margins.
  • Sync with Dynamics GP, BC, or Acumatica: Rockton provides our SQL-based and web service APIs for RPM so you can connect it to your ERP system.
  • Save time and money: Create more efficient, accurate systems all in one place so you can focus on growing your business instead.

Pricing management is an ongoing process of developing, setting, executing, and measuring prices for your customers. When you sell things, you need a strategy.

Whatever the pricing scenario is we will try to help and show you an easier way. We are ready to take on the challenge. Email us anytime to schedule a personalized demo.

Pricing Engine for Dynamics365 Business Central

Rockton Software/Rockton Pricing Management Now Available on Microsoft AppSource

[Erie, CO — August 2020—] Rockton Software today announced the availability of Rockton Pricing Management on Microsoft AppSource, an online cloud marketplace providing tailored line-of-business solutions.

Rockton Software is an Independent Solutions Vendor (ISV) based in the United States. The company started in 1999 by offering custom development for clients using Microsoft Dynamics GP accounting software. Today, Rockton Software is a creative company with add-on products for Dynamics GP and is expanding into the cloud space with Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Rockton Pricing Management is the “set it and forget it” pricing solution. You simply establish any pricing scenario one time and RPM does all the calculations and hard work behind the scenes.

“We’re honored and excited to expand our offerings in the Dynamics suite of ERP solutions,” said Mark Rockwell, President of Rockton Software. “This is a testament to the strength of our application, depth of our integration, and commitment within the Dynamics community.”

Toby Bowers, General Manager, Business Applications Group, Microsoft Corp., said,

“We’re happy to welcome Rockton Pricing Management to Microsoft AppSource, which gives our customers access to the best solutions available from our extensive partner ecosystem. Microsoft AppSource offers partner solutions such as Rockton Pricing Management from Rockton Software to help customers meet their needs faster.”

About Rockton Software

Rockton Software is a virtual company with employees in seven states and its headquarters in Erie, Colorado. Serving over 100,000 users worldwide, Rockton Software supports innovation by offering Microsoft Dynamics and Acumatica add-ons for all industries. Whether you need auditing, pricing, searching, reporting, cost accounting, or general user enhancements, we’ve got the solution for you! Learn more by visiting

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