February Celebrations

Feb 27, 2023

Here at Rockton we like to celebrate all things, big and small, that bring joy to our lives.  We thought it would be fun to share our February celebrations with you and hopefully spread the joy around! Here are a few things the Rockton family celebrated in February.



In February, we celebrated both of our K9 family members’ birthdays. Our mini Aussie, Samadhi, turned 17! If the 7 to 1 dog/human year theory is accurate that makes her 119 in human years! And our wild golden retriever puppy, Luna, turned  2! 


I celebrate my Birthday in February! If it’s a work day I like to visit with clients on my birthday. That has been a tradition of mine for years. I also always have a party with my family either the weekend after or before. Where the only food served is Philippine foods! It’s a time for me to spend time with my family.


I am celebrating the Denver Nuggets at 1st place in the Western Conference. Let’s go Nuggets!


I am celebrating seeing daylight beyond 5pm each day as we head toward spring.


We celebrated Mr. Summit Silence Strayer turning 2 years old!

Exciting things for him this past year were he finally got to visit with Santa and he also became an Uncle (one of his sisters had puppies)!


What is our February celebration in the cold?  Go Ice Fishing!

I’ll be honest, temperatures in Fargo in February can be brutal, so many cold days below zero is depressing.  That’s when we pack up to spend the night on the ice.  This is more about having fun with friends and family then the not-so large fish we caught this year. I posted a message on Facebook that we were out on the ice. Within an hour, cousins and friends joined us for a drink (or two) at the Hillbillies Ice House bar on the lake! So much fun!

Join us in wishing a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jim and Christian this month!

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