What did you miss at GP Optimizer live?

Feb 17, 2021

GP Optimizer Live Recordings

Another GP Optimizer Live is in the books. While we wish we could be in person, there is light at the end of the tunnel. In-person events will happen sometime this year.

Things were a little different this time around.

  • New platform
  • More content
  • Keynote speaker
  • Expo time
  • Virtual ventriloquist

This 2-day event was jam-packed with sessions from well-known ISVs, a GP MVP, and an All-Star. There were a few hiccups and audio issues along the way which is understandable using a new platform, but you get to skip all that with just the recordings.

We kicked it off with an amazing keynote. John Garrett shared why it is so important to ask this question to everyone you work with, interview, meet – What’s your and? Work is way beyond our skills, expertise, and what time we clock in every day. It’s about what makes you happy, what you do outside of work, and who you are as a person. Not a number, statistic, or goal you have to reach.

It was so great to see all the amazing hobbies and passions everyone shared.

Check out the recording and feel free to share it with your team as well.

What's your and? Keynote Session

How can you incorporate “What’s your and” into your work life?

  • Add it to your signature
  • Have monthly chats
  • Ask this question as part of the interview process

Help! I need to make SmartLists useful again

Nicole Albertson, GP All-Star, took the stage on day 1 to share so many tips and tricks when it comes to Smartlists.

Everyone has unique needs when it comes to their data and SmartList doesn’t always cut it. Nicole will show the ways to make your data come to life.

3 Tools That Can Help You

  1. SmartList Designer -included with SmartList today
  2. SmartList Builder – available from eOne Software
  3. SmartView – available from eOne Software

Check out the recording where Nicole dives into each of these 3 tools, the differences, as well as a ton of resources you can utilize today to help you manage SmartLists in an easier way.

Stop Running SmartLists Just to Export to Excel Dang It!

Rod O’Connor, GP MVP, took the stage on the second day and shared why you don’t need SmartLists just to export them to excel.

There are so many other ways, both easier and quicker, to get your data into Excel if you need to.  In some cases, you can even have the go-to’s you’ve come to love. The best part, this is for all the non-developers who are ready to get your data into Excel where you want it.

View Rod’s recording and resources which are available for you to use.

Rockton Rockstars

Project Cost vs. Project Accounting – Is there a difference?

There sure is!  But, let’s first share what they have in common.

Both can manage and track your projects. Both work with GP. Both have reporting capabilities.

But there are some key differences that you should be aware of when deciding, and we have broken them down for you in this simple chart.

Project Cost versus Project Accounting Chart

Ginger shares with you what the key differences are and what you need to look at it when it comes to choosing the best solution for your business.

Remote workers became the source of up to 20% of cybersecurity incidents

Working from home opened up a ton of issues with security breaches, zoom bombing, and tons of headaches. It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows and binge-watching Tiger King.

Alicia shared why you need to beef up your security in GP. She focused on our most popular product of 2020 – GP Toolbox and the 4 COVID reasons why:

  1. Security Manager
  2. Inactivity Timeout
  3. System Lockout
  4. Password Policy Options

So many topics to choose from

There were many sessions on helping you automate key processes and areas of businesses from AP automation to industry deep dives on inventory and supply chain challenges.  As well as, streamlining purchasing workflows and automatic time tracking.

There really is something for everyone. So, checkout all the recordings and resources. Share them with your team and reach out to any of the ISVs that helped make this event a success.

We certainly hope to see at GPUG Summit in Houston in October!


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