The Definition of a Volunteer | December 2018

Dec 5, 2018

The definition of volunteer (verb | vol·un·teer) is to freely offer to do something, and while the 16 employees of Rockton Software take that definition to heart and join in volunteer activities this time of year, their involvement lasts throughout the entire year.  In fact, during the semi-annual employee retreat we try to incorporate a team volunteer activity. In September we spent time at Feed My Starving Children in Minneapolis where we not only packed food, we engaged in a little friendly competition.

A few years ago, Rockton enacted a 1-1-1 rule, where 1% of our team’s time, 1% of company profits, and 1% of our product is given to charities in our communities.  Employees enthusiastically jumped at the chance to engage with their chosen charity with the full support of the company. There is a wide and interesting range of nonprofits that are supported in the four communities where Rockton Software employees reside.

Bryan Page, a member of our development team, spends many hours working with Valley Water Rescue where he has held positions including diver, sonar operator, and drone pilot among others. When asked about his take on the Rockton Software 1-1-1 program his response was “I love having the 1-1-1 program, it allows us as employees the ability to go out and help in our immediate communities, as well as help in a broader reach with the software and profit payout.  It makes you feel proud to be a part of a company that cares enough to see the need and wants to help where they can.”

Sue Roe, a member of our sales team, states, “Even though I wind up doing much of my volunteer time outside of working hours, and so don’t always utilize much of the 21 hours Rockton provides, it really makes a difference to me to know that those hours are available to me. Particularly with the bedside singing, I feel free to “pick up and go” if I’m needed to honor a request for song during business hours. It’s so clear to me that the company places a high value on that kind of activity. I feel supported in saying, Yes, I can commit a certain portion of my life to my passion because I know I don’t HAVE to cram it all into my off-hours. And I appreciate that it doesn’t all have to be through well-known charities.” She volunteers her time with Sandpoint Threshold Singers, which is an international group that sings at bedside, in groups of 2 – 4 singers, for people who are “nearing the threshold” of death or are ill and in need of comfort.

Other charitable involvement by Rockton team members include food related nonprofits, Multiple Sclerosis event participation, homeless shelter service, English as a second language tutoring, animal shelter work and local school service. A complete list of nonprofits, favorite stories and the reasons for employee involvement can be found HERE. It’s worth a look, maybe it can reignite a charitable passion for you!

Wishing you a happy, healthy month of December and joy for the holiday that means the most to you!


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