Company A

Company A would not have implemented their new accounting system without Rockton Pricing Management as an integral part.  They needed volume-based margin calculations, where the more product a customer bought, the price calculation would use a lower percent margin over cost.  They also need customer-specific handshake deals, and other levels of pricing based on several customer attributes.

Company R

Company R has three dealer categories, and each category has five or more values that each drive how prices are calculated for some items and not for others.  On top of that, they have date-driven special pricing for specific customers, and other special rules for small groups of customers who receive deals on specific selected items.  Rockton Pricing Management makes this complexity functional, manageable, and maintainable.

Company O

Company O uses Rockton Pricing Management to manage food distribution-related rebates.  They sell items at a loss, and then bill their vendors for those rebate amounts.  RPM makes tracking and accounting for these rebates painless, and makes sure they get paid on every customer order.

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