Supercharge Your Pricing & Shipping in Dynamics GP and Acumatica

Sep 15, 2022

Raise your hand if you are in manual mode when it comes to making price adjustments or getting shipments out the door? 

Get the right price for the right customer with Rockton Pricing Management (RPM) and get your items out the door quickly and accurately with StarShip! 

Domestic or International – together, we have you covered! 

With Rockton Pricing Management you can: 

  • Automate even the most complex and obscure pricing scenarios and calculations 
  • Enable date-driven pricing with all historical pricing tracked and archived 
  • Always get the right pricing for the right customer at the right time 
  • Easily set up and track all pricing changes, even daily 

With StarShip from V-Technologies you can: 

  • Save on shipping costs with best way rules and discounted USPS rates 
  • Shave time off your small package and LTL shipment processing 
  • Simplify drop shipping, third party, and international
  • Support complex shipping requirements such as hazmat 

How Flexible is Rockton Pricing Management?

RPM is super flexible. It can work with multiple companies, multi-currencies, and all your items. It can also automate complex pricing scenarios. Once you’ve entered some criteria into RPM, those prices will automatically pull into Dynamics GP or Acumatica for your sales transactions. 

Need Date-Driven Pricing? No Problem.

If you want to offer a Memorial Day Sale, you might need to make sure you’re only giving that special pricing from Friday to Monday. We can manage all of that behind the scenes with RPM’s date-driven options. This scenario will also be archived. So, if you want to know what you charged five years ago for your Memorial Day Sale, you’ll be able to look back at the history. 

Make Changes as Often as You Like 

Some of our customers working within the commodities markets have pricing that may fluctuate daily. RPM makes it easy for you to be able to change prices or change calculations-based costs, as often as you need to. 

Sits Outside of Your ERP system 

Rockton Pricing Management sits outside Dynamics GP or Acumatica. This allows you to specify which users can administrate the product. Once RPM is connected to Dynamics GP or Acumatica, it can process calculations based on your rules, and then push that price back over into the sales transaction entry window.  

This includes: 

  • Any price adjustment 
  • Rebates 
  • Discounts
  • Commissions 

Want to price based on location? We can do that too. 

Depending on how you are shipping your product, rising gas prices could potentially impact your shipping costs. If you want to recover some of that additional cost, we can adjust the price of an individual line item to increase based on where you are sending it. 

Speaking of Shipping… Let’s Dive into StarShip 

StarShip offers integrations to over 12 different e-commerce platforms. This includes shopping carts and marketplaces. So, we’re able to combine all your different order points into one seamless integration when you’re shipping for both parcel and LTL carriers. 

StarShip also has plugins available for different EDI solutions as well. Regardless of where your orders are coming from, StarShip can bring together different transactions into one integration point and one platform, making it easy to manage various carriers.  

Shipping Simplified 

With StarShip you can quickly and automatically ship small packages and pallets regardless of which mode of transport you’re using. Simplify the process of automating drops shipments, hazardous materials, international shipments, and EDI. 

V-Technologies’ niche is integration – providing the link between your ERP, accounting and business applications, and the warehouse resulting in faster, more efficient, shipment processing as well as front office visibility. 

Features & Functionality 

If you’re fulfilling shipments on behalf of another customer or different business units, you can set up multiple profiles. Each profile will have their own drop ship IDs with a return address and the company logo. All of these attributes will automatically populate on all the paperwork. 

Save on Shipping 

If you want to do a rate comparison, StarShip can look at all the carriers that are available to ship to your destination. You can also take that decision out of the hands of the shipper and let the system do the thinking for you. 

With Both RPM + StarShip You Can: 

  • Create and maintain customer loyalty 
  • Access historical data 
  • Automate pricing and shipping in Dynamics GP and Acumatica 

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