Rockton Pricing Management

The pricing management software that can improve your pricing process and grow your profit margins at the same time.

Rockton Pricing Management

The Pricing Solution that can improve your

pricing process and grow your profit margins.

Pricing Revenue Management Engine

Is RPM the solution for you?

Rockton Pricing Management is ideal for any company that does pricing that isn’t super simple. Do you manage a large list of items or customers? Need help tracking price adjustments like rebates, commissions, or promotions? Want a “set it and forget it” pricing solution that can automate even the most complex and obscure pricing scenarios and calculations? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then Rockton Pricing Management is definitely for you! 

    Industries that have found success using our pricing management software RPM:


    Easily manage pricing strategies, optimize pricing models, and analyze pricing trends. 


    Simplify pricing management, streamline financials, increase productivity.

    Professional Services

    Quickly adjust prices to meet customer demands and gain a competitive edge.

    Wholesale & Retail

    Accurately and efficiently track pricing and inventory.



    Manufacturing industries need a way to provide a comprehensive pricing solution that can be tailored to fit your industry’s needs. RPM accomplishes this. Manufacturers need to easily manage pricing strategies, optimize pricing models, and analyze pricing trends. RPM accomplishes this too. Manufacturers need to better understand their customers and their pricing needs, in order to identify opportunities for improvement. Yup, RPM does this too.  Need even more of a reason why RPM can help manufacturers? RPM can reduce costs and increase profits, by efficiently increasing bottom-line revenue while staying competitive in the market.


    Distribution industries need to gain access to more competitive pricing that allows them to optimize pricing efficiencies, maximize profits, and decrease costs. RPM does this. Distributors need a way to streamline the distribution process, with accurate, real-time pricing information to reduce manual errors and improve the accuracy of orders. Rpm does this too. Businesses in distribution need to better track inventory and plan for future orders and revenue forecasts. And again, RPM does this. RPM provides numerous benefits to distribution industries, to better manage costs and maximize profits.

    Professional Services

    Service industry businesses need to  easily manage pricing structures and keep up with the changing market. RPM can help with this. The service industry needs to be able to quickly adjust prices to meet customer demands while tracking costs and profits. RPM can help here too. Service Industry businesses also need insight into customer trends and preferences, in order to tailor services that customers want and need. Yup, RPM can help with this! With RPM, service industries can streamline operations, reduce manual entry errors, increase  profitability, forecast customer trends, gain a competitive edge, and maximize their profits.



    Wholesaler & Retailers

    The Wholesaler and Retail industries need to be able to accurately and efficiently track pricing and inventory, to ensure more informed decisions are made. RPM can help with this. Wholesalers and Retailed need to be able to optimize the management of costs to maximize profits. RPM helps here too. Wholesalers and Retailers also need better access to pricing data, to easily compare prices against competitors in order to stay competitive in the market. RPM has you covered here too. Wholesalers & Retailers need to better understand their customer base to ensure they are offering the best prices for their products. With RPM, these industries can streamline operations, optimize management, ordering, and inventory, reduce overhead costs, and increase efficiencies.

    The Pricing Solution for Workplace Success

    Executive Leadership

    Increase profits and sales.

    • ZStreamline manual pricing processes.
    • ZPrice competitively in specific markets.
    • ZClose deals faster with real time pricing calculations.
    • ZSee more data about margin leakage.
    • ZGain a competitive edge in your market.
    Pricing Revenue Management Engine

    Who RPM Serves

    Pricing Revenue Management Engine

    CFO & CRO

    (executive leadership)

    • ZDo you want to streamline manual pricing processes that may be causing mistakes and wasting time, leading to lost margins?
    • ZDo you want to be able to offer your best customers an extra discount or price more competitively in specific markets where there’s a lot of competition?
    • ZDo you want your organization to close deals faster by calculating different pricing scenarios in real time?
    • ZDo you want more data & insight into margin leakage as supply chain issues, labor shortages, and overhead/inventory rise?
    • ZIs your current pricing tool lacking the necessary features to give you the insights you need to compete in the market?
    Pricing Revenue Management Engine

    Controllers & IT Departments

    Gain more insight.

    • ZAccurately track discounts, royalties, rebates, and commissions.
    • ZAccess historical pricing data and patterns.
    • ZQuickly adjust prices in response to market changes.
    • ZUse comprehensive software throughout your organization.
    • ZHave peace of mind with a higher level of security.

    Accountants & Financial Teams

    Increase accuracy.

    • ZStreamline manual pricing processes.
    • ZAutomate creating and sending invoices.
    • ZMake more informed pricing decisions.
    • ZHave full insight into financial data with real-time pricing scenarios.
    • ZReduce the loss of revenue due to pricing mistakes.
    Pricing Revenue Management Engine

    Is Your Profit Margin Leaking Away?

    Learn about the 10 pricing mistakes you could be making.

    Pricing Revenue Management Engine

    Accountants & Financial Teams

    • ZDo you want to streamline manual pricing processes that may be causing mistakes, wasting time, and leading to margin loss?
    • ZDo you want to automate the process of creating and sending invoices?
    • ZDo you want more accurate and extensive pricing information to make more informed pricing decisions?
    • ZDo you want comprehensive insight into your financial data with differing real-time pricing scenarios?
    • ZIs your current software missing a few key pricing solutions causing you to lose revenue and profit?

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