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Rockton Pricing Management:

The most flexible, powerful, multi-platform
pricing solution ever available.

Rockton Pricing Management:


The most flexible, powerful, multi-platform pricing solution ever available

Choose Your Pricing Management Challenge:

Markups, Margins & Cost Plus Pricing

Enforce minimum sell prices based on cost, drive pricing based on landed or plateau price, enforce minimum sell pricing based on cost


Track single prices for all items in a group, category or class; price by unit of measure; manage pricing as landed cost, dealer or distributor


Collect royalties for published digital rights and intellectual property, accrue royalties owed to vendors

Complex Calculations

Set price based on catch weight, various units of measure, Buy One, Get One, threshold management


Apply, manage and collect food or manufacturing rebates, accrue rebates by customer based on volume

Promotions & Discounts

Calculate complex multi-layered discounts, promotional pricing with coupons or codes, supports date driven promotions


Calculate sales commissions by item, class or custom grouping, track travel incentives based on margin

Data Sync

Pull key data from your ERP into RPM faster and easier than ever, allowing real-time data visibility and accessibility

Is Rockton Pricing Management The Solution For You?

Rockton Pricing Management is ideal for any company that does pricing that isn’t super simple. Do you manage a large list of items or customers? Need help tracking price adjustments like rebates, commissions, or promotions? Want a “set it and forget it” pricing solution that can automate even the most complex and obscure pricing scenarios and calculations? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then Rockton Pricing Management is definitely for you!

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Learn about the 10 pricing mistakes you could be making.

How Can Rockton Pricing Management Help You?


Automate even the most complex and obscure pricing scenarios and calculations.


Track price adjustments, rebates, commissions, promotions, and more.


Create, organize, filter and search all your price lists in a way that makes sense.



Enable date-driven pricing with all historical pricing tracked and archived.

Basically, if it gets more complicated than pricelists and discounts, tap into Rockton.

Seth Kuhn | SWK


For us, as a company that manufactures new products daily and has unique contracts with different retailers, Rockton Pricing Management has been essential. Instead of managing custom pricing across thousands of products and hundreds of customers, we set it up once and forget it. When business needs change, RPM’s flexible nature allows us to adapt to any scenario and continue saving our team massive amounts of time and headache.

Sami D’Amico | Head of Tech | Mammoth Distribution


Company M had four people doing pricing manually  when they went live on Acumatica in March of 2023.  Those four people are no longer needed now that they’re on Rockton Pricing Managment.  They have customer-specific locked pricing, Item Class based pricing, Customer Class based pricing, and hybrids of Item Class and Customer Class, all across two base prices divided between two customer sets.  In all, six levels of complex evaluation are made manageable in RPM.


Company O uses Rockton Pricing Management to manage food distribution-related rebates.  They sell items at a loss, and then bill their vendors for those rebate amounts.  RPM makes tracking and accounting for these rebates painless, and makes sure they get paid on every customer order.


Company R has three dealer categories, and each category has five or more values that each drive how prices are calculated for some items and not for others.  On top of that, they have date-driven special pricing for specific customers, and other special rules for small groups of customers who receive deals on specific selected items.  Rockton Pricing Management makes this complexity functional, manageable, and maintainable.


Industries that have found success using our pricing management software:


Price competitively, automate manual pricing processes, and gain better insight into margin leakage—strengthening your bottom line.


Easily manage pricing strategies, optimize pricing models, and analyze pricing trends. 


Simplify pricing management, streamline financials, increase productivity.

Professional Services

Quickly adjust prices to meet customer demands and gain a competitive edge.

Wholesale & Retail

Accurately and efficiently track pricing and inventory.

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Field Services

Simplify pricing management, streamline financials, and increase productivity in your field service business.

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