Rockton Spotlight: Mike

Aug 26, 2022

Any business will tell you that the most important asset it has is its team members. That’s what makes Rockton Rock! We work hard, we play hard and most of all we love what we do and we do it exceptionally well. We invite you to take a couple of minutes to get to know our awesome team as they give insights on a wide variety of topics.

Rockton Spotlight: Mike

I’m Mike. I came in as the first (and I believe thus far only) Rockton Intern. And now I’m a developer with my very own business card. I don’t even know how it happened. And though I know everyone came here to hear me wax poetic over my math degree and numbers, instead, I’ll just talk about my two loves, my dog and food.

What 1-3 things got/getting you through covid?

I would say the single biggest thing that got me through, was my Jack Russell terrier named Ben. During the height of the pandemic, the only thing really getting me out of the house and not going full Jack Torrance was my lil guy and his walks. I guess the other would be podcasts. I listened to many of them and like everyone else, I like my true crime ones. But I also dabble in some video game ones as well as one called Dough Boys if I want a laugh.

What is your must-have food?

It may be a bit of an inside joke within Rockton, but I love me some good ol Beef Jerky. I’m not sure I quite consider myself a connoisseur, but I do have my preferences, I prefer it in a strip form, as opposed to stick or tender. My favorite flavors are generally Teriyaki, Original, and Sweet and Hot (in that order). I do enjoy making my own, the only problem (if you can call it that), is that I eat it too fast. But really any food. Eating is the best.

Favorite pastime?

I try to dabble in doodling daily, but lately I’ve been really into cooking. It’s mostly just for me, and I’m not particularly picky with food, so no idea if it’s actually good. But if anything my picture taking of food has gotten better. I just like the idea of all these separate ingredients coming together to form something. My latest foray in cooking has been in homemade ravioli, the first batch was disastrous, but slowly getting the hang of it.

Favorite movie

I like the worst movies. But I’ll just say because I watch it every year, Independence Day. You’ve got prime Goldbloom and Smith. Alien invasions. The presidential speech. Just a completely cinematic triumph.

Funny memory that is unique to 2020-present?

Remember that whole toilet paper crises? That was weird.

What are you reading?

Just finished reading Andy Weir’s (of The Martian fame) latest book Project Hail Mary. Thought it was fantastic, love his writing, and if you like science, and astrophysics, and chemistry and just a great story, highly recommend.




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