Rockton Software – One Size Fits All | June 2019

Jun 6, 2019

It is important to get solutions that meet the needs of your industry. Manufacturers and distributors focus on the supply chain, retail and e-commerce focus on their needs around selling and shipping, non-profits need to be efficient about their operations and budget.

A question that gets asked often, does Rockton offer industry-specific solutions?  We like to think of One size fits allourselves as an all-inclusive, no, ULTRA-Inclusive company that develops products that are useful to anyone who uses Dynamics GP. Our products fall into the category of one size fits all. We did our research, we figured out the best approach, and we provide tools to make your job simpler and easier.

Manage nearly every pricing situation

Do you deal with complex pricing scenarios, date-driven pricing, markdowns, or adjustments?  Some of our products are quite specific. Take Omni Price, for example. We call it the magical slice-and-dice-your-price device, but you’ll probably just call it brilliant. Omni Price takes Microsoft Dynamics GP’s pricing for Invoicing and Sales Order Processing modules to a new level of easy. It’s built to work together with Dynamics GP’s standard pricing, so there is no need to turn anything on or off. You just get all kinds of extra capabilities to extend your pricing power.

Find information up to 83% faster 

How much time do you waste looking up information in Microsoft Dynamics GP or even your other third-party products? You know it’s in there, but coming up with the magic combination of words, numbers, or phrases to find it can be time-consuming. Rockton SmartFill makes it easy to find the record you need. Simply type in what you know and let SmartFill give you the best results. It is your quick and easy google-style data search tool.

Fast and easy reporting! 

What if you could manage and print all of your Dynamics GP reports from pretty much anywhere, to anywhere, at any time – without having to install or launch any external applications to do it? Good news: with Dynamics Report Manager (DRM), you can! Manage all your reports in one centralized location and schedule and distribute reports on your own terms.

27 Tools in ONE Convenient Package

Do you have users who stay logged in to the system for days, doing nothing? Let Dynamics GP Toolbox log them out automatically. Inactivity Timeout is just one of the 27 tools you get, s0 this Rockton product has something for everyone. Dynamics GP Toolbox, one of our most popular Dynamics GP add-ons, is packed with a ton of functionality designed to save you time, money, and frustration all while improving your Dynamics GP user experience.

Track it. Audit it. Authorize it. Report it.

What can you do when someone changes something important in Dynamics GP but no one admits to it? Rockton Auditor will track who made a change, when the change was made, what change was made, and even why a change was made. You can also track when new records are added or removed. Whether you want the added insurance to protect your data integrity, or you face compliance audits due to industry regulations or SOX legislation, Auditor has you covered.

Our products are designed to make your work simpler and easier®. If you are an avid Dynamics GP user, you probably need some Rockton in your life, no matter what your industry.

See all of these products in action. We have 2 webinars this month to showcase them all. Join us June 11 at 12:30 CST or June 26 at 10:30 CST. Of course, you can always reach out anytime for more information or a personalized demo. Contact our sales team at or call 877-4-ROCKTON.

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