Forms Audit Does Not Capture Changes Made When Using Class


Forms audit is not capturing changes made when using Class to change a card, such as Employee.


When you use Class to make changes to a card such as employee card,  you need to use a Table Audit to track the changes.

In order for a Forms Audit to track changes it requires you to be able to physically type in a change on the field instead of rolling down a change. The Forms Audits are triggered off of the cursor change (tabbing off) in the field.  So, if you were to change the position manually instead of using the Employee Class, then you will be prompted to enter the Reason (if audit with a note is checked) and Auditor would track the changes.

A Table change is triggered when a change has been made to the data in the table.  This can be a physical change, or if you use the roll down feature to make the change.

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