Reporting capabilities available in Auditor


Reports available in Auditor.

More Information:

The primary method for viewing audits is through Smartlist within Dynamics GP. There is an Audits object added to the Smartlist tree view. Standard Smartlist security can secure this Smartlist object at the level appropriate for your environment.

A built-in archiving and purging utility can export audits into an xml file which can be used in a variety of methods for reporting. This is available from the Auditor Setup window from the Troubleshooting tab. It is the Auditor able Archive/Purge feature.

Additionally, since all audits are tracked in a single system table, reporting using an external reporting tool such as Crystal Reports, is straightforward. The main tables you would use are the RSAS015 and RSAS031. The RSAS015 table stores the audit records. The RSAS031 table stores the reference field information tied to each audit. The tables may be linked based on the event ID.

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