Unhandled database exception get/change operation on table RSSA_Filter_MSTR


You receive the following error when upgrading Auditor.

Unhandled database exception: A get/change operation on table 'RSSA_Filter_MSTR' cannot find the table. Invalid object name 'DYNAMICS.dbo.RSSA016


  1. Ensure the USER ID you are logging in with has permissions to create and edit table in the Dynamics database in SQL.
  2. This error can be caused by the runtime engine not having write access to the application folder. User Access Control (UAC) will block write access to the C:\Program Files folder to prevent malicious software installing itself.  When you run the upgrade, right-click and choose Run As Administrator to allow the code to be included. The other alternative is to disable UAC, but this will cause the system to be less secure.
  3. Try re-installing Auditor.

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