This article replaces TK00141.


You restored a Live company database to a new test database and received the following error.

The Project Cost dictionary version is incompatible with the system database 
version or company database version. Dynamics GP will close. Please contact
your administrator.


New test database is missing a Project Cost version record in the DU000020 table.


  1. Make a full backup.
  2. Run the following script in SQL.
SELECT  v.companyID
FROM DU000020 v
left join SY01500 c on v.companyID = c.CMPANYID
where PRODID = 232

/* This script list all companies databases use this to get the CMPANYID number for the new DB*/
select CMPNYNAM, CMPANYID, INTERID, * from sy01500

/* This script will insert a record for the New company DB */
INSERT INTO [dbo].[DU000020]
                  (/*<companyID, smallint,*/ 3          
                  ,/*<PRODID, smallint,>*/ 232          
                  ,/*<versionMajor, smallint,>*/ 16     
                  ,/*<versionMinor, smallint,>*/ 2      
                  ,/*<versionBuild, smallint,>*/ 1)

Note: You will need to insert the correct Project Cost version values in the SQL script.