*Tell us: What do you Audit?

When you first install Auditor it can be pretty tough to decide what is really important to you in terms of Auditing. So we, Rockton Software, put our heads together and came up with a list of fields that stood out to us.

*Note: The fields below are ONLY examples of what are seen most often. This is not a complete list of fields, since that would be quite long and we would never finish typing it all.* 

We know this is exciting, but this doesn’t mean you should go change your audits to include these fields.  That would be crazy!  You should always consult your Internal or External Auditor, Accountant, etc., on what your company should be auditing before making any changes.


     -Purchase Order Entry – Line: 
          -Quantity Ordered
          -Unit Cost/Extended Cost
          -Site ID
          -Trade Discount
     -Vendor Maintenance:
          -Check Name
     -Vendor Maintenance Options:
          -Payment Terms
     -Apply Payables Documents:
    -Print Payables Checks:
          -Check Number
    -Post Payables Checks:
          -Starting Check Number

     -Customer Maintenance: 
          -Statement Name
          -Payment Terms
          -Salesperson ID
     -Sales Transaction Entry – Line:
          -Unit Price/Extended Price
          -Trade Discount
     -Apply Sales Documents:


     -Employee Direct Deposit Maintenance:
          -Bank Number
          -Account Number
     -Employee Pay Code Amount:
          -Pay Rate

     -Account Maintenance: 
          -Posting Type
          -Typical Balance
     -Batch Entry:
          -User ID
          -Approval Date

     -Item Vendors Maintenance:
          -Originating Invoice Cost
     -Item Maintenance:
          -Item Number
          -Current Cost

     -Fiscal Periods Setup:
          -Period ID
          -Period Name
          -Period Series[2]
          -Period Series[3]
          -Period Series[4]
          -Period Series[5]
          -Period Series[6]
     -Activity Table:
          -Login Date
          -Login Time
          -SQLSession ID

Tell us a few of your top-choice fields to audit so that we can put together more examples for all of you! Click here to send us an email.

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