Security audits not showing in Smartlist

Why are my security audits not showing in Smartlist?

If you are on the latest build of Auditor, there is an option in the System Settings window that is required to be checked for security audits to be tracked and displayed in SmartList. If this box is unchecked, security audit changes will not be tracked, nor viewable through SmartList. Security audits are stored in RSAS045 table when the check box is checked.

1.  Go to Tools>>Setup>>Auditor>>System Settings
2.  On the System Settings window click on the Options button
3.  On the Auditor Options window under Security Audit Options, check the box to Automatically Audit Security Changes
4.  If you would like to Require Security Audit Notes when specific security activities occur, then check additional boxes where you desire Notes to be required
5.  Then click OK on each window to save your settings and to close out of them

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